8 Ways Manipulative Women Can Ruin Your Life Without You Noticing
November 27, 2023

Many guys just blindly enter into relationships with emotionally damaged women, not realizing the danger. [imagine the Jaws theme playing] They are blinded by a beautiful appearance and the prospect of sex.

It’s pretty similar to the Sirenes that Ulysses and his men had to resist in Homer’s Odyssey. But since you can’t tie yourself to a mast and cover your ears with wax, like Ulysses did, I took the liberty to gather the most insidious ways a manipulative girlfriend can get you by the cojones, without you noticing.

Before this article really starts, I want to clarify something: Most women don’t use any of the tactics detailed in this post. Most women are genuinely good human beings who want the same as we do: a relationship built upon trust and respect for each other. BUT there are also some bad apples. (Just like there are more than enough bad apples among men.)

So please take the following with a grain of salt. 🙂

1. The Attrition Tactic

After the first few months – which will be awesome to lure you in – she will start to complain about little things here and there. “No biggie,” you think. That’s something you can live with. But she slowly increases the frequency and intensity of the complaints.

It’s like wanting to cook a frog in water. Throw him into the boiling water and it will immediately jump out. But place him into well-tempered water and heat it up slowly and the frog won’t see it coming until it’s too late.

So, she complains until you are so fed up that you eventually choose the easy route and just do what she demands of you instead of arguing after a long hard day at work. By using your aversion to drama against you, she achieves ultimate control.

2. The Empty Promiseland

We all have things that we’d like to change about our partner. Manipulative women use that to their advantage.

They will promise you to become anything you ever wished for but then never take action. If you talk to her about it, she will just blame you for trying to change her. Also, prepare for some scrutiny from her friends – especially when you wanted her to lose a few pounds.

3. “The Place That Sends You Mad” Tactic (inspired by Asterix’ 12 Tasks)

A simple yet effective trick:

  1. She says something incredibly mean.
  2. When her partner confronts her with it, she tells him: “I never said that.” “I never did that.” “You always make up stories!”
  3. She repeats the process until her partner loses it and starts yelling.
  4. She blames her partner for losing it.
  5. Of course, her version of the story is always the correct one and you are a lyer.

4. The Isolation Tactic

She will prevent you from hanging out, talking, messaging, and flirting with other women.

Of course, this leads to you losing most of your confidence in your ability to attract other women. (Leads to believing that you’ll never get a better woman than her ever again.) This, again, gives her more power over you. As a “bonus”, you feel broken and needy when the relationship ends.

5. The Domestic Violence Trap

In most countries, when a woman uses physical violence on her partner, it’s nothing. But if the guy only goes so far as to hold her by the wrist while she tries to punch him… well good luck explaining to the police why a 50 pound heavier guy needs to be protected from his cute little girlfriend.

No joke, the girlfriend of a friend used this exact tactic to call the cops on him and tell them her version of the story. Result: Children gone, a night in jail, and lawyer fees as far as the eye can see (and a nice mugshot).

6. The Commitment Trap

The basic idea behind the commitment trap is that she will try to commit you more and more until you have a ton to lose, at which point it will be the hardest thing in the world to leave.

Examples of such commitments:

  • Moving in together and investing a lot of money (worst a mortgage) into your new home. This gives her also much more control over what you do all day. No more Game of Thrones binge-watching, no more video games, no more jerking off. Say hello to your new, awesome life!
  • Pregnancy: She will pressure you or even trick you into getting her pregnant. Once this happens you are completely fucked as she can force you to at least pay for her and the baby for the rest of your life – even if she decides to fuck someone else. As an expecting mother, she has the power to push you into a marriage that you never wanted (in the name of romance).
  • Marriage: As soon as you are married she has all the power in the world and you have none. Now she can gain weight, say goodbye to working out, and can comfortably stay at home while you break your back working your whole adult life just to keep her cozy and luxurious.

Note: Commitment isn’t necessarily bad. Any healthy relationship also needs commitment. But if you sense that she has a secret agenda then you better make sure her intentions are as innocent as she claims.

7. The Embrace of Death Tactic

Without you noticing, she will take more and more of your alone time and time with friends away until you spend all day every day with her. As a consequence, your social life falls apart and, after a while, you have no one left but her.

8. The Blind Side Hit

Everything you tell her in confidence is a weapon she has up her sleeve, in case you ever leave her. When you do, she’ll use your deepest insecurities against you and make them public. “He couldn’t even once make me come. Clearly the worst lover I’ve ever had.”

Please, please, please, if you ever spot any of the tactics from this article being used on you on purpose, run as fast as you can and never look back! Otherwise, you might find a few holes in your condom one day.

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