You can change your Apple Watch face by swiping from side to side on your watch.

The beauty of an Apple Watch is that it serves many functions: a fitness tracker, a stopwatch, a way to peek at notifications without taking your phone out, and of course, to tell the time.

You can customize watch faces and manage your collection from the Watch app on your iPhone or directly on your Apple Watch.

Here’s how to change and customize your Apple Watch faces.

1. Swipe from edge to edge on your Apple Watch to see the faces in your current collection.

2. When you find the watch face you want, simply stop swiping to stay on that face.

1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. To add a watch face, go to the “Face Gallery” on the bar at the bottom of the app.

3. Scroll through the available watch faces.

4. Select a face to customize its color, style, and complications. Tap “Add” once finished to add the face to your collection.

5. To remove a watch face , go to the “My Watch” tab of the Watch app.

6. Tap the “Edit” button next to “My Faces.”

8. Tap “Done.”

1. Firmly tap on the watch face.

2. To add a watch face, swipe left until you reach a window that reads “New.” Tap the plus “+” icon.

3. Scroll through the list of available watch faces by turning the digital crown or swiping with your finger.

4. Tap the face to add it to your collection.

5. To customize a face, tap “Edit” on the face you want to change. Swipe to either side to find and select a feature to customize. Turn the digital crown to choose a new customization, like colors and markings, for that feature.

6. You can also customize face complications, like weather and activity. Swipe to the left-most screen, tap a complication, and turn the digital crown to change it.

7. When you’re finished customizing faces or complications, press the digital crown to save your changes.

8. To remove a watch face, swipe to the face you’d like to remove.

9. Press firmly on the display, then swipe up. Tap “Remove.”

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