As most people gear up to celebrate Valentine’s day, other people are not interested in celebrating the special day.

Valentine’s day is supposed to be a day where you celebrate your loved ones. Well, some just act like its just a normal day. Have you ever thought of the reasons they don’t celebrate the day?

You’re about to find out as you read on.

Some people believe that couples that have spent a long time together should celebrate many other things. They also believe real love should be celebrated beyond exchanging gifts on just one day of the year.

Some other people believe the celebration has put societal pressure on couples [ece-auto-gen]


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They’ll say, ‘ why do we need a special day to remind ourselves that we love our partners and that we should do something special to celebrate the love they share? Some find this sentiment relative while some do not.

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Some other people believe the celebration has put societal pressure on couples to follow a certain way to show love to their significant other. There’s a lot of pressure around the world today, why add the pressure of being the best partner on Valentine’s day.

This doesn’t promote a healthy relationship.

Valentine’s day has a way of promoting sexuality amongst people [Business Insider]

It is believed that it promotes sexuality amongst people. There’s a societal pressure on new and old couples to have sex on the ‘special day’.

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Sex shouldn’t be forced on any relationship, it’s not healthy. Spontaneous affections are way more fun than forced ones.

For most organizations, it’s all about marketing rather than celebrating true love. People spend more money getting gifts from brands that promote Valentine’s day through giveaways and contests.