Twitter “super Follow” Users To Start Earning For Contents
November 27, 2023

Twitter Friday announced plans for a new “super follow” feature which will enable account holders to charge for premium content.

The company said the content could take the form of extra tweets, joining a community group, or receiving a newsletter.

“Twitter is unquestionably looking for ways to drive new revenue streams with this new service,” Ben Wood from CCS Insight told BBC.

“For those with compelling enough content this service could be attractive but I expect it will be hard to deliver big paydays for the average Twitter user,” he added.

The micro-blogging platform also announced another new feature called ‘communities’ which will enable users to create and join groups based on their interests.

Users will also be able to read and engage more tweets relating to the communities they have created or joined. The ‘communities’ feature is similar to Facebook groups.

The company, however, did not announce launch dates for these new features.

Twitter recorded its first annual profit in 2018, said it hoped to double its revenue in 2023.

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