4 Tips To Handle Valentine’s Day While Going Through Heartbreak
November 26, 2023

4 Ways To Handle Valentine’s Day While Going Through Heartbreak

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and even if you are not a hopeless romantic, it is bound to make you feel a little fuzzy in your stomach.

This is because there is an outpouring of love everywhere around you. People try to swoon each other with flowers, chocolates, gifts, or candlelight dinners, and this might make you feel all sorts of emotions, especially if you just got out of a relationship.

It is okay to feel all you feel after a break-up, it is okay to cry, you are human and it okay to be human. Below are some ways to handle these feelings during Valentine’s period:

Recognise your feelings
It is hard but it is advisable not to suppress your feelings. Give yourself the liberty to really feel your emotions. If you want to cry, do not stop yourself from crying out loud. It’s natural that you are going to feel terrible about dealing with heartbreak during this time, but tell yourself it’s fine. Unless and until you let the negative emotions out, you might not heal.

Practise Self-love
Even if you are with someone, you need to develop a strong relationship with yourself. That’s the most important relationship you will have in your life. So, give time to yourself, check-in how you are feeling, and try and turn negative feelings into positive ones but step by step. If you feel lonely, you can always try and socialise with your friends. If you feel sad, then focus on things that you have and practice gratitude. It’s going to make you feel a lot better!

Go out with friends
Having a partner to go out with is amazing, however, there is a total bliss that comes with hanging out with your friends. These people understand your unsaid emotions and the inside jokes will definitely make you feel better. Also, you will have moments of laughter that will lift you off your mood.

Get moving
It is not easy to pick yourself up and start exercising, especially when you feel low. However, it is the secret pill that can make you feel so much better! You could plan a fun kickboxing session or an intense workout at the gym. Not only will it feel cathartic, but it will also release so many happy hormones, and improve your mood.


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