June 8, 2023

Not to generalize, but every gender has some traits that the other dislikes. We can’t hide the fact that women are more complicated than men. So, this one is for you beautiful ladies, watch out for these few things you might be doing that men really dislike.

  1. Talking to your Friends about Anything and Everything

We all know that a girl talks about how she feels way more then a guy does. Girls talk to each other a lot, it’s okay to ask for advice or vent when you’re feeling frustrated, but a guy hates it when you discuss the details of your relationship with all your friends. Most guys appreciate privacy so try to keep your fights or issues between the two of you.

2. Bringing Up Old things Every Time you Fight

We all hold grudges, and it comes out involuntarily especially when we’re really hurt. It’s okay to learn from past mistakes but once you’ve talked about it and forgiven it you shouldn’t hold it against the other person and bring it up in every single time you fight. Unless they do it repeatedly and it really bothers you.

3. Not Giving them their Personal Space

Don’t be too clingy, men hate it when they feel like you’re trying to control their life and take up all their free time. They like to be in control of their decisions and you need to give them the space to do other things they like, they’ll always make time for you.

4. Being too Dramatic

Men think women are cute when they act childish in a fun way, they like feeling needed and that you count on them for support but sometimes it’s a bit too much. Acting like a baby to get attention is a huge turnoff. They hate it when you start nagging, complaining and not admitting it when you’re wrong.

5. Bringing up/talking about exes

Men hate it when you talk about your exes especially if you do it all the time or bring up details. It’s okay to have the conversation about exes but you shouldn’t dwell on it or mention them too much because it’s a big turnoff for a lot of men.

6. Not Giving them Enough Attention

Men sometimes need attention too, so if you’re always out with your friends, not taking care of them or their needs and not making them feel that they are needed or wanted they will definitely rethink the relationship.

Everyone is different but the more you talk about the things you dislike the more you’ll understand what your partner needs from you. Read more about Things Women Hate that Men Do

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