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Whether you’re already married or living together or just getting to know each other, romantic relationships can be very exciting. The first relationship a person experiences can also be a great learning opportunity.

Now whether you’re thinking about getting into your first relationship with another girl or boy or you’re well experienced when it comes to romantic relationships, there are some key pointers that you can always keep in mind when it comes to love.

What makes the first year of a relationship so difficult?

The first year of romantic relationships is a difficult phase for a lot of reasons. Simply put, it is a completely new experience for the couple. In addition, it is a phase where a couple, either married or unmarried, begins to adjust to each other.

This is the phase when a person is slowly becoming a very important part of your life. It’s a period of discovery where you find out about each other’s habits (good and bad), their opinions, their family, friends, etc. This adjustment phase is what makes the first year difficult.

At what age do people have their first relationship?

The answer to this question varies from country to country and is heavily dependent on culture. According to the American Pediatric Academy survey, girls start dating at around 12 years, and boys start dating at a slightly older age.

Therefore, the average age of first relationship is around the beginning to middle of the adolescent stage of development.  

However, some people prefer to remain single (perhaps it is embedded in their culture) even beyond their 20s. This group is more inclined towards enjoying their independence and reaching a financially stable position in life rather than entering into early relationships.

25 things you wish you would’ve known before your first relationship

Now that you have a basic idea about why the first year of romantic relationships can be the most trying period and the average age at which people experience their first romantic relationship, let’s take a look at 25 things you wish you knew before your first relationship.  

1. You need to be satisfied with yourself first

Whether you’re married, in a live-in relationship, or have just gotten into a romantic relationship, having a partner who encourages and validates you is great. But that shouldn’t be the only source of your self-esteem. To be satisfied in a relationship, you need to be happy with yourself first. 

If you don’t feel good about yourself, you can’t expect to be happy or satisfied with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or lover. So working on yourself first is essential.

2. Neglecting loved ones for the sake of your relationship is not right

When you’re in a new relationship, you might have the desire to spend all your time with your partner. But the thing is that your family and your friends were there for you even when you were single!

So, it’s not a great idea to neglect them to spend all your time with your partner.

Finding that balance where you take out the time for your loved ones and your partner is important. This may entail a lot of trial and error, but it’s worth it!

3. Don’t be very guarded

For a first-time relationship, because it is such a new experience, it is normal to be apprehensive about how much information you want to share about yourself with your lover. But, it happens, and it’s alright!

4. It may not end in a “happily ever after”

Only a small percentage of relationships that begin in high school have long-term potential.

Why is this?

It’s because first relationships help people learn a lot about themselves and what they like and don’t like. In the process of figuring out your likes and dislikes, you might find deal-breakers.

5. You might get hurt

Like every decision you take in life involves some degree of risk, so do relationships.

The necessary risk that has to be taken in romantic relationships is vulnerability. You and your girlfriend or boyfriend have to slowly start opening up to each other to grow and develop a deeper connection.

However, this also opens up the possibility of hurting each other. Therefore, for first relationship advice, this pointer is essential.

6. This will be a learning experience

When you first get romantically involved with someone, it’s a thrilling experience. Somewhere in your heart, you may hope that you two end up together forever. However, there’s a possibility of things panning out differently.

So, if your first ever relationship ended in a breakup, it’s okay. You can learn from it. You can analyze what you liked, what you disliked, your preferences, and much more.

7. Your life shouldn’t be completely centered around your partner

This is another key takeaway from first romances. It’s not just about making time for your friends and relatives when you first get romantically involved with someone; there’s more to it.

Life isn’t going to stop because you’re in love.

You may be a student, or you may be employed and have other responsibilities too. Those are important too. Forgoing these other important things for the sake of your relationship is not a good idea at all.

8. Honesty is essential

Healthy relationships require both partners to be honest with each other. However, for first-time relationships, people might feel that urge to be the best version of themselves which may mean that they aren’t completely honest with themselves.

Dishonesty might smoothen things out in the short term but might make you unhappy and affect the relationship in the long run. This even applies if you’re just dating someone and getting to know that person.

9. Trust your gut

Human beings have evolved a great deal since the beginning of time and with that comes enhanced abilities to sense and perceive things around them.

So if you have a bad feeling related to your relationship that keeps growing over time, acknowledge it and do something about it.

10. Respect yourself and your partner

This is one of the things to know before getting into a relationship. If you don’t feel like you’re being respected by the person you’re with, it’s probably not worth your time. But, on the other hand, it’s equally essential for you to respect yourself and respect your partner.

When you have self-respect, you get a lot of clarity about where you stand, how you deserve to be treated, and what is and isn’t worth your energy and time.

11. Don’t compare your relationship with other relationships

Every relationship is unique. Just like every person has individual differences, every relationship is different. Comparison is one of the most common first relationship mistakes.

When you or your partner have set expectations in your mind about the relationship based on what you see online or around you, it’s like you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.

12. Ignoring red flags isn’t a great idea

With the extensive information available nowadays about the types of abuse people can encounter in relationships, you need to be aware. So be on the lookout for signs of emotional, verbal, mental, financial, or physical abuse.

There is no justification for any abusive behavior. However, ignoring these red flags won’t make things better for you or your partner.

13. The romance may fade with time

When you start dating for the first time, the amount of physical intimacy or lovey-dovey things you say to each other may be quite high. It’s normal because it’s new and that’s beautiful!

However, when you both move past that infatuation phase, things might not feel as romantic anymore. If and when this happens, don’t be scared to acknowledge it and talk about it!

14. No pressure to be perfect

Relationships are not about perfection. As individuals, no one can be expected to be perfect. Likewise, there is no such thing as an ideal relationship. Keep these things in mind and balance your expectations.

It’s a beautiful thing to grow and become closer to each other, no matter what type of a romantic relationship you’re in. But it’s not about being perfect or expecting your partner to be perfect!

15. Don’t rush; pace yourself

As mentioned earlier, vulnerability is important for romantic relationships to grow. It is a risk you both take as and when you sense that it’s right. But, it’s also important to pace yourself.

If you rush into major decisions about the relationship, you might regret it later.

16. You can’t change your lover

One of the most important tips for your first relationship is that you need to be realistic about your expectations. Being with someone in the hopes of changing that person may, unfortunately, end in disappointment.

Moreover, change occurs from within. So if you’re going to be the agent of change for your boyfriend, partner, or girlfriend, the change may not be authentic.

17. Love is not everything

Although it is important to have that romantic attraction, relationships aren’t solely based on love. The reality is that there’s a lot more that goes into building a long-lasting and healthy connection with your partner.

Other factors like compatibility, maturity, finances, and much more go into making a relationship last. You might be totally in love with someone and still experience deal-breakers.

18. Disagreements are normal

This point is aligned with the fact that every individual is different. Therefore, as important as it is to have the same core beliefs, values , and morals, you and your lover will most probably not agree on everything.

People have opinions, and these opinions differ. Disagreements about minor things are expected and normal. A few bickering here and there aren’t uncommon.

19. Alone time can be beneficial

This is not only important for couples who are married or in a live-in relationship; this applies to all romantic relationships. As important and wonderful as it is to be together, having that “me-time” is also important.

Time with yourself helps you grow and recharge or rejuvenate. The me-time helps you engage in your hobbies, spend time with friends or have some

20. Your partner isn’t responsible for your happiness

For your first real relationship, try to keep in mind that you aren’t the center of your partner’s world and vice-versa. As much as they can hype you up and appreciate you, your lover cannot be the only source of your happiness.

Both people involved in the relationship cannot just rely on each other to be happy. That puts a lot of pressure on the respective partners and can damage the connection.

21. Healthy boundaries are important

One of the most important first relationship tips to remember is that boundaries are essential. When you’re with someone, you both slowly understand some things you like, and you don’t like.

For instance, you might not like any public display of affection; or your partner may not like to hang out with your friends every weekend.

When you realize these things, it’s important to let your partner know about your boundaries and vice-versa honestly and respectfully.

22. Effective and healthy communication is necessary

This is undeniably one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship.

Think about the times you’ve said “I’m fine” to your boyfriend when you were not fine. Confrontation is tough, but it’s better than hoarding up your feelings and then having an outburst.

23. Doubting the future of your relationship is normal

After your first relationship, there might have been times when you’d question the future of your love life.

Frankly, the most important thing to do here, when this happens, is to address your feelings and talk about them.

24. You have to learn how to trust your partner

Trust is important. It takes time to develop. The funny thing is that it can be broken in a second.

You need to slowly start trusting your partner in relationships, and your lover needs to trust you. It’s one of the pillars of a romantic relationship.

25. Sacrifices, compromises, and negotiations are normal

A big part of romantic relationships is the element of making compromises and sacrifices for each other. This stems from the fact every person is unique, so you will end up disagreeing about things.

For example, if you’re in a live-in relationship or married, you will have to compromise on sharing a bed with your partner.

Take a quick look at this video to understand what you should and should not do in your first relationship:


The first relationship is always special, and you must make the most of it! These 25 things, however little they might seem to be, will help you have a beautiful relationship.

Irrespective of the age when you enter a new relationship, you need to take care of the things mentioned above. These will help you enjoy a successful relationship.

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