See The Strange Things About Chelsea Clinton’s Marriage

According to Us Weekly, Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s relationship began like a Shakespeare play — they met as teenagers (they had a happier ending, of course). They became “really good friends” and stayed that way throughout college. After Chelsea graduated from Stanford and Oxford, she took a job at the NYC consulting firm McKinsey & Company, then moved on to the hedge fund, Avenue Capital Group (via The New York Times). Meanwhile, Marc Mezvinsky was still waiting in the wings.

His chance came in 2005 when Chelsea split with her boyfriend of four years, writer Ian Klaus. Two years later, the so-called paper-of-record reported that Clinton and Mezvinsky’s friends observed them advancing to the “cuddly and affectionate” at parties phase, and the rest is history. What does Bill Clinton think about all this? He loves the guy. “Bill adores him. This is the son he didn’t have,” says a source told People in 2009. “This is the relationship Bill didn’t have with his father.”

So has anything changed since their 2010 wedding? Let’s take a deep dive into the strange things about Chelsea Clinton’s marriage.

Are Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky the definition of opposites attract?

Despite growing up with politician parents and enjoying post-collegiate careers in private equity, Chelsea and Marc seem to be polar opposites. In the 2012 Vogue profile of the former first daughter, readers got a glimpse into their personalities. While Chelsea drops multi-syllable words in casual conversation, Marc describes himself as “just a nerdy Jewish boy from Philly.” He adds, “But you know, Bill Clinton grew up with a dirt floor in Arkansas, so it’s all relative.”

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“She’s very much the yin to my yang. I don’t want to say I’m aloof, but I definitely can exist in a cloud,” he continues. “I walk into parking meters. She’s the antithesis of that. She’s like: This is where the parking meters go!” However, Marc being a bit of a self-described airhead makes him that much more endearing to those in Chelsea’s circle. “He’s a real mensch,” Chelsea’s best friend, Nicole Fox told the mag, adding, “We were always rooting for them to get together.”

Chelsea’s chief of staff for The Clinton Foundation, Bari Lurie, agreed. “He’s this playful schoolboy stuck inside this wicked-smart, really astute adult body,” she said, adding, “He’s as happy goofing off as he is talking finance with world leaders. He’s the best of both worlds.” Another fun fact: Marc grew up with eleven siblings. Chelsea, of course, grew up with Secret Service and Socks the cat. We assume Marc appreciates the peace and quiet now.

When you’re the only child of a political dynasty, you can be assured that your wedding won’t be a simple affair. “It’s going to be very understated, elegant, but befitting a royal wedding for the U.S.,” wedding planner Claudia Hanlin told Today at the time. “Understated.” That’s definitely one way to describe the undoubtedly epic party.

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s 2010 wedding at New York’s Astor Courts estate reportedly cost up to $5 million. According to the Daily Mail, here’s a partial breakdown: an $11,000 cake, $250,00 for Chelsea’s jewelry, $109,000 for “tables and crockery,” $600,000 for glass-walled, air-conditioned tents, $500,000 for flowers, and $200,000 for extra security. What if the 500 guests had to use the bathroom? Per TMZ, they could visit the $15,000 porta-potties with porcelain toilets.

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