Having a career in Hollywood has its upsides and downsides — with one of the biggest downsides being that you’re expected to always look your best — no matter where you are, what you’re going through, and no matter how old you are. These celebrities on our list are definitely lucky, because they are look graceful and as beautiful as ever, even as they age.

Some of the celebrities here are endowed with great genes, while others have sought the help of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. Some are just plain lucky that they don’t need to diet to achieve enviable bodies, while others are required to stick to strenuous workout sessions and strict diet regimens…

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is one of those women who seemed to have discovered the fountain of youth. It’s like the actress literally told her body to stop aging and it just stopped! Berry’s face is almost wrinkle-free, and she’s 52 years old! We can hear many women crying out “not fair!” When asked about her beauty secret, the actress said she believes exercise plays a great role in making the skin look healthy.

She particularly credits cardio workouts, saying that it helps keep the blood running in your body, thus helping the skin look well. Apparently, the actress’ claim is backed by Science, indeed exercise aids in anti-aging at the cellular level. Aside from exercise, Berry has skincare guru Olga Lorencin to thank for her fabulous skin. The Los Angeles-based aesthetician has been helping Berry care for her skin for 18 years now.