How do you know if you’re attractive? Do people think you’re hot? Here’s how to know for sure.

Unfortunately, it’s not all unusual for women to feel insecure about the way they look or carry themselves. Every day it seems like we find more and more things to feel self-conscious about—either we’re too thin, too fat, don’t dress “right”, aren’t cute enough when we laugh, not feminine enough, not interesting enough… we really put ourselves down a lot.

And because we’re so busy underestimating ourselves and straight-up undermining our own qualities, we might grow up having missed the memo that all of our old teenage insecurities aren’t relevant anymore. You might be surprised to learn that, not only are you far from being a hideous social outcast, but you’re actually… hot! And you probably can’t even tell. So we’ll help you out. Here are 9 signs that a guy thinks you’re attractive.

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1. People think you get compliments all the time

When men and women alike give you compliments, they always say something like, “Oh, but I’m sure you hear that all the time!” Does this confuse you? You may think that if you’re not complimented on something, it means you don’t deserve to be. But the truth is that most people assume you hear compliments all the time, and there’s no use bugging you with the same thing you’ve already heard again.

No man wants to be the cheese who goes up to the most obviously beautiful woman in the room and tells her that she’s pretty—as if she doesn’t already know. But rest assured, they’ve all all noticed how striking you are and have probably psyched themselves out too much to strike up a conversation…

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2. You’re always dating someone

You keep hearing people complain of dry spells, but you’ve never… really had one. Just lucky, you guess? Wrong! It’s because you’re a catch! Do you really think this happens to everyone? Unlikely. If find that you’re never single and have men constantly buzzing around you, it’s because they think you’re pretty, intelligent, and interesting—someone they’d want to be in a relationship with.

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This doesn’t happen to all of us, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many jokes about spinsters with cats. Open your eyes to your power!

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3. Men are attracted to your confidence

Men like it when a woman is self-assured, in charge of herself, and in charge of her life. You may think your no-bullsh*t attitude isn’t scoring you any points with the men around you, but the truth is: they love it! A powerful, independent woman turns them on because you know what you want and you have the confidence to get it.

As a person with shaky self-esteem and zero confidence in her appearance, this may come as a bit of a shock. But you’ve got to look at yourself objectively and realize what a great package you are to be in a relationship.

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4. You always get told what a good kisser you are or how good you are in bed

Men don’t just go around and tell every woman what a great lover she is. In fact, a lot of women have negative experiences when it comes to sexual feedback. Oh, but not for you. For you it’s normal to be told how good having sex with you is. Men really appreciate a skilled and committed lover. They love it when you love sex and when you are passionate about it as much as they are. They love it too! It’s important to them. So, when a man meets a woman who is interested in great sex, he cherishes her!

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5. You literally turn heads

Have you ever walked into a room and had people look up or follow you with their gaze? Do they turn their heads when they look at you? Listen, we’re all beautiful in our own way and all, but we’re hardly turning any heads over here. If you achieve something to this effect, it’s because you’ve got a demanding presence. There’s something about you, about you you are and the way you carry yourself that gives off a vibe that says, “Notice me!” And notice, they do. They want you, girl.

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6. Your inner beauty shines through

Want to know what’s more important than how beautiful you are or how hot your body is? Your attitude, your mind, and the way you go about your life—what is genuine, honest, and true to yourself. It may be hard to believe, but meeting a genuine woman is hard to encounter these days, and it can be refreshing to a lot of men.

They find it disarming when you are your true self just trying to be the best person you can be. A lot of guys appreciate good people in general, so it’s no wonder they fall in love with you. You have both inner beauty and outer beauty. That, my friend, is what turns heads.

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7. Men (and women) like to talk to you a lot

If you’ve ever brushed off a man wanting to talk to you because you think he only wants to see your lips move, think again – it’s not all about sex. Sure, that’s important, but men love being with someone who is a good listener—someone who can understand and share their passion with.

So when men encounter a genuine and enthusiastic conversation partner, they just want to keep talking to her for hours. In a world of talkers, being a good listener makes for an extremely attractive woman they won’t want to let go of.

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8. People admire the way you carry yourself

For men, a person’s general vibe is very important. Your vibe is the way you feel, the ways in which you act, and the sentiments you outwardly project. Vibe determines how they feel about you. It’s what the people around you pick up on, guys included. If have a good, positive attitude towards the world and the people around you, men will want to spend time with you and be around you more. Men gravitate towards positive energy. Projecting negativity is a turn-off.

People admire you and want to be around you because you’ve got a good vibe and because you carry yourself positively. You make the guys happy, and that’s all they want in a woman. Keeping a good vibe is the most attractive trait, and it looks like you’ve got it going on!

9. You seem to have a lot of guy friends who connect with you

Look, men are just like us: they want a partner they can connect with on a deeper level. And all I mean by deeper level is, you know, someone compatible and who who shares their life pursuits and dreams (or at least understands and supports them). Unfortunately a lot of people are very self-centered, so finding someone who is open, welcoming, and accepting of another person’s dreams is a task in itself.

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So when a man encounters a woman he can connect with, he tends to stick around. Have you counted your male friends lately? Of course, some of them will be genuine friends without underlying interest, bu think hard. Have you had men tell you how easy you are to talk to, how nice it is that someone understands them and shares similar opinions or goals? Someone who “gets” them? That is who they want and who they are attracted to, and that someone is you. Make of that what you will.

If you are not his type, then you can bypass this. I’ve found there are 2 pivotal moments that determine whether or not your relationship will end in happily ever after or in heartbreak, so it’s vital that you take this next step because at some point the man you want is going to ask himself: Is this the woman I should commit to long-term? The answer determines everything… but do you know how men determine if a woman is girlfriend material (the type of woman he commits to) or if he just sees you as a fling? If not, you need to read this next: The #1 Thing Men Desire In A Woman…

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