See What Rapper Lil Mosey Wanted By Police After Missing Court Hearing
November 28, 2023

Rapper Lil Mosey Wanted By Police After Missing Court Hearing For Rape

Lil Mosey is reportedly wanted by police in his home state of Washington according to a report from TMZ on Thursday.

The rapper, born Lathan Echols, has been charged with second-degree rape stemming from an alleged incident in January of this year.

Due to his failure to appear in court on Wednesday, he is now wanted by law enforcement. The “Blueberry Faygo” rhymer was reportedly charged with second-degree rape several weeks ago ahead of this week’s scheduled court date.

Earlier this year, a woman claims that she and a friend went to a cabin to visit Lil Mosey, but alleges that she was raped by the 19-year-old artist and another man.

An affidavit obtained by the media outlet includes information that one of the alleged victims agreed to have sex with Lil Mosey in a car, but the woman said she was no longer coherent after drinking White Claw alcoholic beverages and champagne.

That woman claims that Mosey later got on top of her and pushed her legs apart as he had sex with her. She also recounts experiencing pain in her leg muscles as Lil Mosey continued pushing her legs.

The woman additionally says that she blacked out a second time and awoke to the other unnamed man forcing himself on her.

The woman claims to have sustained bruising on her arm, neck, and inner knee. The report adds that the woman claims she also received a message from someone at the cabin, which said the guys were talking about “training two girls.” It’s unclear if the “two girls” refers to the woman making the allegations against Mosey and her friend.

If Lil Mosey is convicted, he faces life in prison, according to TMZ.

Last year, Mosey faced separated legal issues when he was arrested on a felony gun charge in Burbank, Calif. in August.

He was taken into custody, along with two others, following a traffic stop just after 1 a.m. The rapper, his security, and an unnamed minor were pulled over because their SUV did not have a license plate.

Police later discovered three loaded guns, one of which was allegedly in the minor’s possession. Four-credit cards were also found in the bodyguard’s bag.

None of the cards belonged to any of the parties in the car. All three people in the vehicle including Mosey were arrested on the same felony charge of possessing a concealed weapon. Mosey was released on a $35,000 bond according to XXL Magazine.

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