Nigeria Needs Artificial Intelligence To Combat Insecurity, Says Expert
November 29, 2023

3d rendering humanoid robot with ai text in ciucuit pattern

A tech expert, Agbolade Omowole, has said that Nigeria can stop insecurity by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Omowole who made this known in a statement made available to newsmen recently, disclosed that, Artificial Intelligence is the field of computer science that is focused on the development of smart machines that have the ability to perform tasks that require human-level intelligence. It is the endeavour to replicate or simulate human intelligence in machines.

According to him, Nigerian Intelligence Agencies need to understand that there is a limit to the availability of human intelligence in the fight against insecurity that has plagued Nigeria for about a decade now.

Omowole, Chief Executive Officer of Mascot IT Nigeria Limited and a recipient of the breakthrough longevity activism prize by the International Longevity Alliance (France) in 2020, stressed that, for an efficient and effective standpoint, technology is a potent aid for basic human tasks. He said it is better to put 100 people to work than to do the work of 100 people. That means with AI, intelligence gathering processes that will take humans a year, will probably take machines like an hour.

By leveraging AI, Nigeria Intelligence Agencies will be able to gain accurate and exact knowledge of the bandits, their modus operandi, funding sources, and collaborators. The information gathered will aid military kinetic action, he added.

Also speaking, Henry Nnorom a serial entrepreneur, and currently the local president of American Federation of Government Employees local 1048 in America, representing over 50,000 government workers dedicated in the fight against terrorism, said that, those who advocated for separation, war or any type of civil unrest should understand that any unrest in this part of Africa (Nigeria) will create a 200-year problem for the rest of Africa.

According to him, bandits are now the new bogeyman for insecurity in Nigeria, joining a long (and still growing list) that includes terrorist, cultists, herdsmen, kidnappers etc. Banditry is bad for business.

He pointed out that: terrorism overshadows every aspects of economic, social, cultural, and political life. It brings instability and disrupts peace and coexistence. To be exact, it is bad for business and economic development.

Bandits need to know who is the boss. My team and I simply have this to say, the rest of the world have implemented key counter measures that helps stop terror, banditry, and insecurity. We as a nation simply need to get tough and follow other people’s example, while looking back in our past and reusing the same dedication used in the past to stop people like Anini, he noted.


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