“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” You can teach the world what you love, and earn passive income. 

Teach the World What You Love

I wanted to find the right approach. With teleseminars, you can teach the world what you love, while generating passive income and creating financial freedom. 

And, the beauty of teleseminars is that you can start your dream business from your home or anywhere on the planet.

I also wanted to find the right person.  I wanted somebody who walks their talk, who really knows their stuff, and who has a successful track record of helping real people start their home-based businesses.

Learn from Somebody That Gets Results

Teleseminars helped Cha~zay, spend more time with her daughter, while creating financial freedom, as a stay-at-home, single Mom.

Without further ado, here’s Cha-~zay on how you can start any home business with teleseminars …

Creating Financial Freedom with Teleseminars

Teleseminars is the tool I resorted to when my all-time biggest fear was preventing me from speaking on stage or teaching live workshops.

I resorted to spreading my message via teleseminars, because teaching a live audience was not an option and I was miserably failing at creating an income only using blogging.

I wrote and wrote and I learned everything there was to learn about keywords and backlinks, and still, my blog did not generate a full time or even a sufficient, satisfying part time income.

Perhaps you can relate?

Once I implemented teleseminars into my business strategy, my income soared to a generous 6-figure income and eventually turned into a multiple streams of income business for me.

And I want to show you how you can do the same, right here in this article.

Keep reading.

How I Failed With Teleseminars

I resorted to teleseminars not because it was a money maker, but because it was cheap, safe, quick and easy. I loved talking on the phone, so how hard could it be to have a conversation while generating an income!?

Well, it turned out to be harder than I thought.

In fact, I had 78 people on my very first teleseminar, which would have been a success, except that I screwed up the call so royally that I felt like a miserable failure afterwards.

I didn’t practice enough, didn’t get familiar with the bells and whistles of the conference line, didn’t mute the callers; there were toilets flushing, wives yelling at husbands, children crying, dogs barking, people burping and washing dishes. It was a quite the scene.

I Was Desperate – Teleseminars Had To Work

It was in this moment that I wiped off my tears and promised myself to learn everything there is to learn to hold a successful teleseminar. What I had to share was important and I wasn’t going to let technological glitches prevent me from spreading what I had to share.

Eventually I became a certified Teleclass leader and gained more and more confidence in structuring my calls to hang up feeling confidentsatisfied and with ka-ching in the bank. I soon learned that success came with practicestructure and confidence.

Soon I realized that with teleseminars I had stumbled on a gold mine. I learned that there is a magic formula to holding successful teleseminars and all I needed to do was rinse-and-repeat and every call I held became a raging success.

Teleseminar Income Scenario

Let me share with you some of my original income scenarios on how I structured my teleseminar calls.

The Free Preview Call Leading To The First Upsell

I gave away one free preview call per month. The whole purpose of this call is to get people to sign up for a paid teleseminar call. My paid teleseminar was a 3-month mentorship program, which I sold for $797. This included one live call every week. My guarantee was to have no more than ten people in each group. I started a new call every 2-3 months. Let’s do the math:

$797 x 10 people = $7,970 divided by 12 calls = $664 per hour

Are you making $664 per hour? If not, keep reading.

From 3-Months To 1-Year

After the 3-month mentorship program was over, my callers wanted to sign up for another round or for something even longer. So I created the 1-year mentorship program, for which I charged $5,000. Again I capped the number at ten people maximum and I held these calls every other week; 26 calls total. I started a new mentorship program every 2-3 months, as they filled up. Let’s do the math:

$5,000 x 10 people = $50,000 divided by 26 calls = $1,923 per hour

Are you making $1,923 per hour? If not, keep reading.

The 6-Figure Teleseminar Income Strategy

Let’s recap the totals:

Four 3-month mentorship programs per year @ $797 each for 10 people = $31,880

Four 1-year mentorship program per year @ $5,000 each for 10 people = $200,000

Total yearly income: $231,880

Ka-Ching With Leverage

Probably one of the most important pieces here is not the income earned but the number of hours worked in relationship to the total income earned. This is called leverage. Employees and business owners trade time for dollar – they work hard. Entrepreneurs work smart instead, by leveraging their time to achieving multiple streams of passive income.

In the above scenario, I only worked 152 hours to generate a nice 6-figure income. That’s 3 hours per week for an average hourly salary of $1,525.

The question is not “what would you do with $231,880 per year. The question is, what would you do with your time if you only had to work 3 hours a week?

Teleseminars – Your Golden Goose

Are you starting to see why I call teleseminars a gold mine?

Do you see just how easy it is to leverage your time and to say something once and to get paid whether you say it to one person or ten people or 1,000 people?

Let’s look at how creating your own teleseminars is easier than you may think.

Another Success Story

My California neighbor, Marci Shimoff, does $1 and $2 million dollar teleseminar launches. She does it with her friend and business partner, Debra Poneman, and together they run a 1-year mentorship program via teleseminar, holding bi-weekly calls for people from all over the world.

On her first call last year they had over 1,600 people register at $697 a person. That’s $1,115,200 total. This year she renewed the program and had almost 3,000 people register at $697 a person. That’s $2,091,000 between the two of them.

Not bad for only 26 hours of work, wouldn’t you agree?

Okay, enough of the juicy details, here is how to get started yourself.

How To Start Your Own Teleseminar Business

Here are the key things you need to know to start your own teleseminar business:

  1. Share Of Yourself Authentically
  2. Get a Conference Line
  3. Design Your Free Preview Call
  4. Design and Offer Your Teleseminar Series
  5. Automate The Process

Now, let’s step into each one in more detail.

#1 – Share Of Yourself Authentically

I know you have something important to share. Do not tell me you don’t – because I know you do. You have experiences worth sharing. You have opinions that are valid and important for the world to hear. You have experienced failures and you have overcome some serious challenges in life. I know you do. Because we all do. All you need to do is take one of your stories and turn it into a teleseminar. Take one of your articles and turn it into a teleseminar. Take one of your books and turn it into a teleseminar. Take one of your favorite topics and turn it into a teleseminar.

Follow a few steps, which I will teach you here, and voilá, you have yourself a teleseminar that you can record and put on auto-pilot to help you create passive income for years to come while sharing your wisdom over and over and over.

And for those of you who have been brainwashed into believing that all you need to do is find a niche, identify and then fill that pain with a solution and then you’re rich, here is my message to you. Stop chasing after the money. To do anything less than what makes your heart sing is a recipe for burn-out and unhappiness. Don’t go there. Instead, trust that when you share of yourself authentically money will never be a shortage in your life.

Rumi once said: “When you came to this world you brought a light with you that wasn’t here before.”

My charge to you is to find that light and to share that spark that only you are here to share. When you do, competition ceases to exist and all kinds of amazing people come out of the wood work to be collaborators with you.

Anything less than that is not worthy of your magnificence.

#2 – Get a Conference Line

It’s super easy to get a free conference line from anywhere on the planet, in almost any country, and start your own teleseminar business. Visit or (they are the same company), and get your own conference line. If you have an International audience like I do, simply give people outside of your country their own country teleconference line so they don’t have to call into your country, and they’ll be connected to your teleseminar. In other words, if you’re in the U.S. and your clients are in Australia, you call your U.S. conference line but your audience calls your Australian conference line. Yes, it’s free to you and free for them.

You also have the option to pre-record your own teleseminar without an audience and then upload your edited teleseminar for later use, or even turn it into a digitally downloadable product. This is especially for those who are shy or for those of you who stutter or want to edit your calls and make them absolutely perfect before airing them in front of a live audience. This is also a great feature for those who want to generate passive income that flows to you while you sleep or are vacationing in the French Riviera, like I am right now.

Once you have your free conference line the most important thing is to practice. I can’t stress this enough. There are some very annoying things you can do to have people hang up on you. Things such as filler words, like ‘uhm’ or ‘so’ or smacking your lips unbeknownst to you, are all things that can turn off your audience. Be attentive to how you talk and practice reducing those annoying habits. Other things that can turn people off are not having structure, just talking at your audience, rather than actually giving them something of value in a structured way.

#3 – Design Your Free Preview Call

The free preview call is a 45-75 minute free call that gives a lot of value to people absolutely free of charge. Why give something free of charge? Because it gives people a preview of what it will be like to work with you. The beauty of teleseminars is that the visual piece is completely missing, which means that people only rely on your voice projection. You want people to get a free preview of what you have to share if you want them to sign up for an actual paid teleseminar.

What’s important in a free preview call is to give them as much value as possible but without overwhelming them by giving them everything you would give them in a 3-month mentorship program. To give them too much means you’ve given away the farm and you’ve completely overwhelmed them with too much information. At the same time your teleseminar should not be only a sales call where you do nothing but push your own teleseminar series for sale. This discourages people and removes their trust in you. I’ve attended teleseminars from well-known people and they spent 15 minutes talking about their background (yawn), 15 minutes about how great their product is (ego) and then 30 minutes on giving them a hard sell on the product they want the callers to register for (yikes). Don’t do this. It’s not only tasteless but it’s also not necessary and it promotes lack of trust.

Instead, create 3-5 bullet points of what they will learn and back those bullet points up with factual stories of either yourself or your clients, and steps they can take to implement each point. 3-5 points during a 45-75 minute call is plenty for people to chew on.

What’s important during the free preview call is to seed the paid teleseminar series. Promise them that you have more to share with them at the end of the call and then make good on that promise by telling them where they can register to get more of you.

What is seeding?

For example, in this article I am giving you some basic how-to-steps to take to create your first teleseminar but it’s impossible to create one article about a topic that I teach in a 9-hour course. This article would become a book. So instead, I give you the steps to get started with the promise that if you are serious about learning how to take your message to a worldwide audience who is hungry to hear from you, then you may want to take the full teleseminar course that contains more than 12 years of my hard-earned lessons from the school of hard knocks. It’s me literally handing you my failures and successes on a silver platter, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes and can take the shortcut to your own teleseminar success.

The previous paragraph is a seeding to something beyond this article. You do the same in your teleseminar.

#4 – Design and Offer Your Teleseminar Series

What is a teleseminar series?

So you’ve given your callers a free 45-75 teleseminar. Now what? For people who want more of you, you need to give them something to sign up for. Where can they learn more of what you have to share? This is where you design the teleseminar series. This is the extended and paid version of the free preview call that you want your callers to register for.

When you first start out, it’s important to create a small series. A small series could be a 3-part teleseminar series, or a 5-part teleseminar series. Don’t go from a free preview call to a 1-year mentorship program unless you are famous like Marci Shimoff who wrote Chicken Soup For The Soul books and has appeared in the hit movie ‘The Secret.’ Work your way up to that type of success. One step at a time.

As you perfect your teleseminars and get feedback from your attendees, you can create longer series, such as 3-month teleseminar series or a 1-year teleseminar series, which I like to call mentorship programs. This is where the bigger bucks come in. Once you teach those, others start to approach you because they want to joint venture with you. This is where the fun and ka-ching get bigger and better as does the reach of your audience.

Again, you will need to structure your teleseminar series. You can’t just get on the phone and talk into the phone without structure. For each call you have to create 3-5 points of what they will learn. Then back each point up with stories, homework, how-to’s, quotes, and so on. This is also where you can have guest callers such as experts in their fields that can help enrich your audience.

For example, I love building single family homes, so I shared about my love for selecting land and how to find a good builder. But I wasn’t qualified to talk about how to get a construction loan, so I invited loan brokers on the call to give pointers on what a commercial bank looks for when extending construction loans. I had realtors on the call that would share tips on when and how to sell a home that was still in the construction phase. I had tax accountants on the call to talk about what to look for when filing taxes with big earnings from the sale of homes.

When I created my teleseminar course, I reached out to Marci Shimoff and other successful and well-known entrepreneurs who use teleseminars as one of their main tools to generating multiple and passive income streams and asked them to share exactly how they structure their calls, how many people they need to reach out to before they have the kind of sign-ups they now have. These calls are all part of the teleseminar training course that you can listen to and learn from.

You can do the same for the topic that is close to your heart. Make a list of those who rock in your industry and when you have your teleseminar series designed, invite them as a guest to one of your calls.

#5 – Automate The Process

It’s important to automate the entire process! This is the whole point of running an online business, including a teleseminar business. You want people to register online and then you want them to receive an automatic email that gives them the conference call number with their participant code. You want them to also pay for your teleseminar series and once they have paid for the series you will want them to receive an email with instruction on how to access the series. All of this needs to happen automatically.

In order to set this whole machine up on auto-pilot you need the following:

  1. website or place where they can register (some use their Facebook page)
  2. Paypal or a place where they can pay for your teleseminar
  3. Autoresponder – a place that registers them and automatically sends them an email with the call-in details. I use aWeber, there is also ConstantContactMailChimp and many others.

Get Started Today

This may sound daunting, but believe me when I say it’s easier than you think. You only have to set these steps up once. Once it’s done, all you need to do is change the date for live calls or change the prices if you decide to increase your rates. If you need help setting any of these automation processes up, you can hire someone from or or

What Should You Speak About?

Speak about what makes your heart go pitter-patter, what makes the hair on your neck stand up and get your juices flowing. Your passion runs through the wires of cyber space and telephone wires and your audience can feel if you’re in it for the sake of sharing your most authentic self or if you’re in it for money. Trust that when you’re in it for the sake of being of service that the money part will automatically be taken care of for you.

Instead of chasing after money opportunities, be about your mission first and then emanate that into your surrounding world and you will draw opportunities and money to you as if by magic. And you’ll be a whole lot healthier and happier and freer.

PS: It’s not magic, it’s simple chemistry.

Technology And Additional Costs

Running a teleseminar business requires zero additional money out of your pocket. The conference line is free and you most likely already have a telephone. If you don’t have a phone, download a free audio editing program like Audacity and then pre-record your teleseminar using a good microphone like the ATR-2100 (around $50 on Amazon) and then upload the finished teleseminar to or place it on your website for people to listen to, after they have registered for the call, of course.

One Thing Leads To Another – The Gift of Confidence

Remember how I told you that public speaking was my all-time biggest fear? Well, little did I know that teleseminars would be my gateway and stepping stone for me to not only overcome this fear, but for this fear to turn into my biggest passion.

I went on to be a long term Learning Annex instructor, spoke across the country in front of hundreds, sometimes thousands of people, including being on stage with Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) and today I teach several online classes to thousands of students all over the world – in front of the camera.

As a result of these developments, I am a frequent guest blogger and radio guest and I’m invited to speak for various organizations and have my own podcast called The Core Freedom Show. The beginning of all this was teleseminars.

The greatest gift teleseminars has given me is the gift of confidence. And once confidence kicked in gear in one area of my life, it wasn’t long before it affected all other areas of my life.

I know it can do the same for you!

Become a Pro – Do It Right – My Gift To You

In this article I’ve given you everything you need to create your first free preview call and to design your own teleseminar series.

For those of you who are ready to share your wisdom with the world and you want to learn how to automate the process, how to create physical products out of your teleseminars, how to record teleseminars without an audience and how to market your teleseminars for free to dozens of online and offline resources, you may be interested in the full teleseminar course, which features more than 12 years of my hard-earned lessons as a teleseminar leader.

You will learn how to add intro and outro music to your calls, you will learn how to select teleseminar titles that will get the click, you will learn how to structure your calls so that people are eager to sign up for your teleseminar series and how to price your teleseminars. The course is filled with way too many bonuses to list here.

Your JD special for the course is $97 instead of $297.

Register for the full 9-hour Teleseminar Course with a special discount only through JD by clicking here.

If you know absolutely nothing about teleseminars you may want to register for the 9-hour teleseminar course. A big portion of this course also talks about your mindset around money. Click here to get your 9-hour teleseminar course.

Student Participation

Once in the classroom, you can ask questions in the discussion area. I’m in the classroom at least once a day to answer all of your questions.

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