At times it can feel like life is bad on all fronts: you work is stagnant, you personal life is unsuccessful and your personal health, physical and mental, has been neglected. You are not achieving your goals or fulfilling your potential, and you are unhappy as a result. First, know this happens to everyone- you are not alone. Also know that this does not have to be your life, you can change it. You can better yourself. It will take a lot of work, a lot of courage and a lot of grit, but if you keep going and believe in yourself you are going to achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself. Here are some good habits to improve your life in the new year, that will help you reach your goals when it becomes hard to continue:

Stop Sacrificing What You Want Most For What You Want Right Now  

It would be lovely to relax, watch a movie or a show, meet a friend for dinner, etc. instead of working longer on a project that needs attention, going to the gym, making dinner at home, etc. Instant gratification is seductive and satisfying, but not when it is at the expense of long term goals, especially goals that will help build your self-esteem and help make progress towards your goals. Stop sacrificing substantive happiness, that will bring you consistent and lasting joy for superficial, momentary happiness, which will fade quickly and ultimately extend unhappiness.

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