June 8, 2023

When people think about creating success in life, their focus tends to be on the work it will take to accomplish their goals. They think about the daily grind that creates healthy habits and leads to a better life.

As you do the work, what you might not be preparing for is what life will be like once you accomplish your goals. The grind puts blinders on so you can focus. Living an elevated life is a very different reality.

People think an infusion of more money, better relationships, more friends, a burst of happiness, and other success goals accomplished would be a dream come true, yet rapid or unplanned growth would cripple most people.

You have to be willing to put in the work to create success because the work prepares you for the realities that success can bring. You envision your dream life, you live it out in your mind, and then you work hard to accomplish it. Don’t put yourself in the position to let growth and accomplishing your goals work against you.

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.” – Eric Butterworth 

Here’s what you need to understand about the new realities of living your best life and the strategies to continue your growth:

1. You’ll have to be firm about your boundaries.

As you accomplish your goals, you will become more visible. Whether that’s through social media or those in your circle take notice — there will be more eyeballs on you. Success gives off magnetic energy that others will want to gravitate around.

It’s important to have boundaries and always be firm about them. If you always gave your time and energy to those who want it — you’ll lose that time and energy for yourself. A lack of boundaries and the discipline to keep them has stunted many-a-leaders growth.

Freedom means you can give parts of yourself but on your terms and in a manner that makes you comfortable. To continue your growth, be firm about your boundaries and don’t feel bad about saying no if you want to.

2. You’ll understand the difference between self-centered vs. selfish. 

If you’ve been on a flight, you’ve no doubt heard in the safety presentation that you should put on your mask first before helping others. It’s the same principle in your everyday life. You have to put yourself first and look after your needs before you start thinking about others.

There’s a big difference between being self-centered and selfish.

The selfish person is all about themselves to the inclusion of others no matter what the circumstance is. People in their life could be struggling, and they wouldn’t care as long as they’re okay.

Being self-centered means, you put yourself first and then think about others. You care and are compassionate but understand that you can help others much more when you’re coming from a position of strength and wholeness.

If you’re going to create success and accomplish your goals, you have to incorporate habits that support your self-care. You have to love yourself by taking care of yourself first. Take care of your mind, body, and emotions. Do the work, rest, relax, and give yourself everything you need to become stronger — and then be stronger for others.

3. Your focus on optimization will turn off a lot of people. 

Being focused on growth means less time for things that don’t align with your goals and values. It means being hyper-focused on the optimization habits that help you become one percent better each day.

That hyper-focus can come off as if you don’t care about the same things other people do or that you’re a robot. The thing to understand about focus and goals is that they have to be yours. Other people’s opinions and thoughts about how you should be living your life aren’t for you and not the path to success.

Stay hungry for optimization and growth. Pursue your specific path to success and avoid internalizing other people’s opinions of you. The new reality of success is that it can be a lonely road in which people drop off — that’s okay. You can find a circle of high-performers that want growth just as much as you do.

The path to success isn’t easy, but it’s possible and leads to a fantastic life. The new realities shouldn’t scare you because a life of success has so many benefits. The critical thing to understand is the importance of loving yourself and taking the best care of you.

You are the most significant goal to work on and achieve. You deserve incredible life experiences and can accomplish more than your limiting beliefs try to convince you is possible.

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