September 30, 2023

The magical feeling of being loved by others is heavenly and cannot be described in words but can only be felt. The care and attention you get from a friend, a family member, your near and dear ones and last but not the least your soulmate is invaluable!

Like water and air, love is also an integral part of our life and without it is very difficult for anyone to survive on this planet.

Being loved by your family and friends make you feel blessed as it makes your life worth living.

Whether we feel happy in the company of a romantic partner, family members or friends, these special connections in life have proven to be beneficial for your health as well as emotional well-being.

Amazing Psychological and Health Advantages of Love

  1. Love Prevents Stress

Many studies suggest that love can be a very effective way of reducing and preventing stress. When we are in the company of people who like and love us, the adrenaline glands produce the DHEA hormone that acts as a stress buster.

  1. Love Promotes Mental Health

The calming effects of DHEA over the mind and body enhance the regeneration of brain cells and nerve function and hence promote mental and emotional health. It has also shown that people who are happy and satisfied in life and are surrounded by people who love them rarely suffer from heart (cardiovascular) diseases including blood pressure disorders.

  1. Love has Anticancer Effect

Yes, people who are loved, especially married people have been found to have lower cancer rates than singles or people who find it difficult to get true love in their life.

A research done at the University of Iowa found that cancer patients who had a strong and satisfying relationship with their partners develop more white blood cells which are desirable in killing cancerous cells.

  1. Love for Effective Pain Management

It has been found that love activates the specific part of the brand that is responsible for pain management in the human body and when functioning optimally it keeps pain under control.

  1. Love is a Two-way Process

When you get the deserved love in your life, you also learn the art of loving others in return and this is the most beautiful thing we humans can learn and spread.

  1. Love boosts Blood Circulation

When talking to someone if you find someone attractive and want to fall in love with, your brain sends impulses and signals to your heart making it beat faster than it normally does; this results in increased and optimum blood supply to the body, which is considered vital for good health and to experience overall well-being.

  1. Love Improves your Self-confidence

People in healthy relationships tend to be more confident in all areas of their life. Having optimistic self-esteem comes from the affirmation that you have worth.

Love not only makes you more happy and confident but also helps you to express your views and thought in a better way as it gives a feeling of being secured and hence you can fearlessly speak your heart out.

  1. Love Heals

Studies show that wounds heal twice as fast in people who are in a loving relationship or healthy emotional state compared to those who are stressed or no one to look after them and boost their inner peace and strength.

  1. Love Makes you Live Longer

We humans have been considered as social animals since the evolution of life and have depended on one another for survival.

As social animals, we all have biological needs that can only be delivered by having people in life that you can love, get loved from and depend upon. Lack of such connections may impact our life span negatively.

  1. Love is the best Anti-ageing Tool

The healthy glow on your face when you are in love or feel blessed for having wonderful people in your life is not a myth! Many studies indicate that people in happy relationships look physically younger than those who aren’t that fortunate.

With the increased blood flow to the skin and other parts of the body, love acts as a potent anti-aging tool and boosts your skin health immensely, fighting early signs of aging.

If you have abundant love in your life, you do not need any artificial beauty products to look more beautiful and younger.

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