The things you need to know about your journey in life and the many paths you’d take.

You’re not always going to win — and things won’t always go your way. Everyone will not like you — and a relationship you so much cherish could suddenly come to an end. And it’s not for you to understand why things happen the way it happens in life. But the onus is on you to always glean some vital lessons from all the experiences — and to pick out every beautiful bit of life that mightn’t always be on the surface. And to enjoy the journey.

Clearly you’d anticipate a positive outcome each time you kick off anything in life. Therefore assuming you’ve just started a new job. You’d at least expect to have friendly colleagues, a kind boss — and generally a pleasant working experience. And if it’s a new relationship, you’ll expect it to be rich in love — and happiness. But then your journey in life is neither linear nor straightforward — therefore nothing is guaranteed.

Someday you’ll get to a point where you’d unexpectedly encounter a bump or a sharp bend that’ll slow you down drastically — and in some cases, it’d seem like a dead end.

The truth about every negative experience you encounter in life is that they’re the grist to the mills. Thus life will sometimes slow you down in order to redirect you or to equip you with the necessary knowledge —and understanding that’ll help bring more fulfillment and accomplishments into your journey.

important to always remember that there’s no specific way to place yourself in the right path in life. However, It behooves you to either retrace your steps — or find for yourself the right path to take. A skilled individual like a counselor can help you to have a much better understanding of yourself. But at the end of the day, you’d be the one to sort yourself out. You’re going to use the knowledge and experience you gained from life to decide which path to follow.

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And at times it’d be easy to step into a new path that is right for you — while sometimes it would be difficult. In any case, you may first have to crawl into a path before you’d discover how to position yourself well in it — and then begin to further your journey from there.

Also, a path might be right for you, but the timing mightn’t be right. And in that case, you’re going to wait for that path to be clear and ready for you to step into. And you’d be doing the right thing to wait for a while if it happens that life wants you to wait.

Life may slow you down in order to teach you patience, kindness — and empathy.

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost”

And sometimes it might be that you’re going to learn an important life lesson each time you feel like you’ve lost your direction in life. This could also be a time to make a great connection in life or self-discovery. You never can tell what’s going to happen next.

But it’d later come to your realization that the previous path wasn’t necessary anymore. It has led you as far as it could— and you acted rightly by stepping out — and stepping into another path to continue with your journey in life. The fact is that there’s always something good for you in every path you take in life — therefore the overwhelming feeling of being lost in life is germane to have a better understanding of life — and to be able to make the right life choices.

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Missing out on any opportunity, or experiencing failure at any point in life certainly could bring a path to an end, but it doesn’t bring your journey to an end. Rather it rightly positions you to where you’d continue with your journey through a different path. A path that’s going to enrich you with new life experiences — and connect you to a direction necessary and suitable for you.

Also, a path can come to an end because it isn’t going to take you as far as you’re supposed to go in life. A path could also end in order to force you out of your comfort zone especially when it isn’t allowing you to grow and develop. It is also probable that this path would later pull you backward, stagnate you — or spring up unpleasant experiences.

All in all, the most important thing is to enjoy the journey. So it’s not worth it to obstinately remain on any path that isn’t giving you joy. Therefore there would be a time when you’d have to let go in order to let in new life experiences. Life is to be explored and enjoyed — ergo don’t get yourself enmeshed in a terrible situation just because you’re getting some kind of insignificant benefits that is devoid of joy — and personal growth.

Learn to discern when to let go — when a particular path is about to close — and then make the right choice. Also, learn to understand when a direction you’re taking is becoming hazy — and step out else it swallows you up. You’ll always glean some vital knowledge from your life experiences that’ll enlighten you — and teach you to know when to begin to take the right steps that’ll pave for you a new path for your journey in life.

“There is no finish-line on the path to soul growth- there is no race, no perfect place to get to where life is easy. We can release judgment and fear-based thinking when we entertain that life is a journey with many pit-stops along the way and we are responsible for finding the beauty at every twist and turn.”

It rests on you to find the beautiful things that are available in every path you’d take in life. They may not always be obvious — and that’s why you’re going to find them for yourself which makes the journey even more interesting.

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Life is about enjoying the journey — and creating happy memories. Life is also about becoming a better individual each day through the experiences — and the knowledge you acquired from your journey in life.

You’re going to find both nice — and negative experiences in all the paths you’ll take in life, but what’d make the difference is how you handle everything that comes your way.

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