How To Be Much Happier? Focus On The People You’re Helping

Despite how much his name is dragged around in the mud in the media, despite how often people bash his worldview, he sells out arenas all around the world. His book “12 Rules For Life” has sold over 2 million copies, and he’s wildly popular on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and more recently, Medium!

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This Doesn’t Mean You Need To Ignore Everyone

You’re Not Going To Be Loved By Everyone

Gratitude Is The Key

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The Truth Comes Out Eventually

Months later, it turns out many of that person’s supporters ended up seeing things from my perspective and some even apologized to me. The best part? That person did it to themselves. When you wallow in resentment enough, you start biting the hand that feeds, and that’s what they did to their fans.

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I Don’t Need Anyone To Return The Favor

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