How Can You Handle Guilt: 4 ways
November 27, 2023

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Guilt comes in different forms but whatever way you may be feeling it, it is a feeling of worry or unhappiness that you have because you have done something wrong or, you have let yourself or others down by failing to meet a particular standard.

Guilt can either be considered healthy or unhealthy depending on how you experience it. In a case where it is rational or proportionate, it is considered healthy but when guilt is misplaced or irrational, then it is considered a negative one.

In this article, we attempt to give you some useful tips on how to manage guilt whether healthy or unhealthy.

Accept and Apologise

If you find yourself feeling guilty about an action that has caused someone else to hurt or feel pain, you should try and get things rights straight away by apologising for your wrongdoing. This is not the time to shift blames or try and justify your action. Delaying to apologize can make your guilt worse and can lead to anxiety.

Make the Necessary Changes in your Behavior

In order to move on from a place of guilt, you actually have to address the problem in your behaviour. It is not enough to apologise and then go back to your old ways, you have to ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes again. The sooner you are able to make necessary changes, the quicker you put the guilt behind you and be a better person for it.

Be Realistic

You cannot control everything and everyone around you as you are only responsible for your own actions. As such, when feeling guilty about certain things, be realistic about what you control. Set realistic standards for yourself and celebrate your little achievements.

Talk To Someone/Share Your Feelings

If you find yourself being consumed by unhealthy guilt, don’t hesitate to seek professional help or share your feelings with a loved one. Sharing your feelings with others also gives you a different point of view on what you feel guilty about. A fresh opinion can help you have a better perspective.

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