Start your 2021 fitness Join the Veganuary challenge with Upfield

It is that time of the year when we make new life choices and set new goals with the intention to conquer the world!

These resolutions come with a deliberate effort to be better in our daily dealings. Interestingly, our annual resolve to be better can cut across our career choices, work ethics, our looks, and even our health and fitness.

Over the years, healthy eating trends have been one of the leading discussion points as people set their goals for the year. Some of the basic problems many people have include how to decide on the right food choices, what meal plans to follow and knowing when to start adjusting their diets.

Plant-based foods have become an interesting choice for health and fitness with companies like Upfield promoting its benefits for people and the planet. A plant-based diet is one that consists mainly of foods from plants. These include vegetables, fruits, grains, tubers and legumes. Plant-based nutrition avoids meats and dairy, aiming to get most of its protein requirements from plant sources.

While many people have focused on going plant-based to help them lose weight, there are a lot of other benefits and you can start with small food changes to enjoy these benefits. Plant-based diets are considered rich in fiber, good fats, vitamins and minerals, that help lower blood pressure and LDL (bad) cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetes and help maintain a healthy weight. Many also believe it is more pocket friendly so it could be a great way to save some funds in the New Year! The environmental benefits are also well documented.

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A great way to start your 2021 trying out a plant-based diet is by joining Veganuary, an annual global campaign to help people go plant-based in January with great recipes, information, and tips to support the process. Upfield, the global leader in plant-based foods production, is a proud supporter of Veganuary and this year, you can join their Instagram challenge in Africa by checking out the details on the Upfield Africa Instagram page @upfieldafrica.

Get fit and have some fun while you do so this January and beyond. Your body, the planet and your pocket will thank you! Follow Upfield Africa on Instagram @upfieldafrica to join their Veganuary challenge.

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