Face of Bayelsa girl child, Ebizi Blessing Eradiri na di 24 year-old double first class graduate in law from Niger Delta University Amassoma and di Nigerian Law School wey di Bayelsa State Goment honour recently.

To ginger you with di [face of Bayelsa girl child] life story wey she experience before she blow, tanda make BBC Pidgin yan you about her interesting background and journey to becoming a ‘double First-class’ Nigerian lawyer.

Ebizi Blessing Eradiri [face of Bayelsa girl child]: Who she be?

Ebizi Blessing Eradiri be di fourth pesin and first female to get first class honours for Niger Delta University Amassoma and she be di first pesin to get first class honours for Nigerian Law School from her University.

She also be Computer forensic examiner and she dey practice law for Lagos.

Ebizi Blessing Eradiri come from Agudama-Ekpetiama community for Yenagoa local goment area of Bayelsa State.

But grow up for Port Harcourt and she be di only daughter and second pikin of her parents.

Ebizi Blessing Eradiri [face of Bayelsa girl child]:

Ebizi Eradiri tell BBC Pidgin say di day she hear say she get first class honours for law school na di day she no go forget for her life as she just fall down begin cry dey thank God as she no really believe am.

She get di news while she bin dey NYSC camp and na proof say dreams dey come true as she bin dey determined to get first class and work towards am.

Ebizi add say e no easy for her to come out wit first class honours for school as e get times she nearly give up because of financial challenge as she come from humble background.

So she do small catering and events decoration jobs wit paid tutorial classes for oda students to help raise money to support herself for school.

Challenges wey Ebizi Blessing Eradiri [face of Bayelsa girl child] face before she blow

“Anoda challenge na say di law faculty for my school no get hostel for students and e dey for place wey no too dey safe so e no easy for us as we gatz rent off-camp accommodation and we dey area wey dey get robbery incidents.

Then electricity challenge too. Today I dey use eye glasses na because I bin dey study wit poor light wey spoil my eye, even though I get rechargeable lamp but no be evritime light dey to charge am so I dey use candle light but I no let all dat one discourage me because I wan meet my target.” Ebizi Blessing Eradiri tok.

Anoda motivation for her na di fact say Ms Eradiri come from humble background so she no wan disappoint her parents wey dey make sacrifice for her to go school.

But di biggest challenge for her during her law school days na di time she lose her best friend and study partner since year one, Erenghotimi Stanley wey die. She say she nearly drop out because of grief as im death really traumatise her.

“I thank God for di system di Nigerian Law School Lagos Campus get as dem notice say I no dey come class again so dem reach out to me and call me back. I bin attend some therapy sessions in fact, up till di time I write my bar exams I bin still dey mourn but na God help me. I thank God for seeing me through.”

Ebizi Eradiri, di New [Face of Bayelsa Girl Child]

Ebizi Eradiri wit di Govnor

For Ebizi Blessing Eradiri, she see her appointment as di new face of Bayelsa Girl Child as opportunity to challenge di negative perception alias thinking of some pipo get about Bayelsa pipo.

“I see myself as public figure wey many pipo dey look up to and plenty expectations dey on me so dis na platform for me to promote education, promote di girl child and promote Bayelsa pipo as a whole.

Many times pipo dey underestimate Bayelsans so I see dis as opportunity to encourage Bayelsans so dem fit stand and compete wit anybody for any part of di world.”

24 year old Ebizi say she bin get some plans even before di goment recognise her as na sometin she dey passionate about to mentor young pipo.

Beyond corporate mentorship, she also get plan to partner wit Non Governmental Organizations – NGOs, educational bodies to promote education and in di long run, she hope to start her foundation wey go cater to Bayelsa children especially di girl child to raise funds for dem to go school.

‘School no be scam’ – Ebizi Blessing Eradiri [face of Bayelsa girl child]

To di Bayelsa girl pikin, Ebizi Eradiri dey advise dem to take dia education serious because school no be scam.

“No let anytin discourage you. E get many tins wey go wan discourage dem but make dem continue to dey push because e no dey easy.

Make dem also speak up, if na sometin dem need advise make dem come, I dey available, oda pipo too dey available. E get some tins dem go expect wey no go come but make dat one no stop dem like me, throughout my university I no receive any bursary.

Even di law school grant, although I be di best graduating for my school and I apply for di scholarship grant dem no still give me but dat one no stop me. So challenges go come but make dem keep dia eyes focused on di goal and God go do di rest.”

For di next step, Ms. Eradiri say now her focus na to finalise di burial arrangements for her late mother wey just die last week Tuesday, 5 January 2021 at di age of 60 years.

“I dey mourn her death wen we receive di call from Goment House to come. So after her burial I go go back to di drawing board, weigh di opportunities and options wey dey to know di next step to take.”

Na for 2018 Ms. Eradiri finish for Niger Delta University and 2019 she finish Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus and she also serve NYSC for Lagos.