June 8, 2023

7) Love Yourself First

Be yourself. And love who you are. It dosen’t matter if you’re not the “perfect weight” or “have the perfect look”. Take good care of your body, mind and spirit and be confident in what you have to offer. Men are attracted to confident women who love themselves.  When a woman tries to discover her value in what a man thinks of her, it can come across as a lack of self-confidence. This can be a real turnoff.  Men are attracted to women who can stand on their own two feet regardless of whether a man is present or not. This will send them a message that you can do just as well with or without them which will trigger them to desire and love you even more. Check out “Top 7 tips to finding your true love”.

6) Don’t “Give It Up” Too Soon…

This is especially true in the boudoir department. No man wants a long-term relationship with a woman with loose morals. Allow him to chase you a bit. Be a little mysterious. Men are intrinsic hunters and like the chase. If you make yourself too accessible to him, he will not value your presence or what you have to offer. Have your own life.  Get busy building your own dreams so he has to work at getting your time and attention, not the other way round. Don’t force his feelings. Always leave him wanting more.  Definately don’t “give it up” too soon. You’ll find that in the process of chasing you while you are doing your own thing, he will end up falling in love with you.

5) Don’t Be Too Possessive…

…before he commits to you. Nothing’s more of a turn off than a lady who can’t keep her cool. Never find yourself in a situation where you are fighting over a man. You’ll never win. In the end you’ll lose your self-respect, and his respect for you. Men will respect and want you more if you’re willing to let them go and let them find you. Check out “Top 7 Ways to Tell If Your Partner is Right for You”.

4) Bring Out His Strong Qualities

Let him be a man around you.  Men like to feel like they can solve problems. Compliment him in areas he excels in. Focus on his intelligence, strength, wisdom and courage. When you bring out his best qualities he will always want to be around you.

3) Have His Back Always

If you think he’s the one, get interested in what he does. It helps if you’re both in the same field of work.  If not, make an effort to learn his line of work so you can help him, support him and have his back when needed. If you have an opportunity to support him when no one else will, do it.  Men place a high value on and fall easily for women who support them in hard times.

2) Do Something Nice For Him…

…after he has earned your respect. You don’t want to come across as being desperate by doing things for him all the time when he hasn’t earned it.  However, if you know he values your presence and has worked for your attention, rewarding him with something simple and nice like a home cooked meal or a heartfelt letter when he’s feeling down can trigger feelings of love that could last a lifetime. Check out “Top 7 secrets to keep your relationship exciting and fresh”.

1) Be Patient

It’s takes men a little longer sometimes to decide what they want. Don’t wait forever but don’t force him to make decisions before he is ready. Be yourself, give him space and let him find you. If he is truly the one for you, he will see your strengths and meet you where you are.  If you find that you are working too hard to get his attention, this is a telltale sign he is not the one for you. Love should not be forced and should happen naturally. No one wants to feel like they are constantly seeking attention from someone.  Be your confident, true, loving self. If he’s meant for you, nothing will stop him from falling for you.
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