Being in a relationship is awesome! There are certain things you get from being in a relationship that you just can’t get when you’re single. But dating someone is definitely not without its negatives. When you spend time with someone, little habits develop that get on everyone’s nerves. Here’s a list of the best and worst things about being in a relationship.

  1. That awesome new relationship feeling.

    Ah, young love. There’s nothing more fresh and pure than a blossoming relationship. While you’re officially a couple, you still get a little bashful around them. You still get butterflies in your stomach and stumble over your words when they look at you with heart eyes.

    Every date feels a little bit like the first: exciting and new.

  2. That terrible new relationship feeling.

    Shit, young love. There’s nothing more terrifying than being in a new relationship. You still find yourself on the verge of a nervous breakdown when you’re with them. You’re still worried there’s a chance you’ll make a fool out of yourself and completely scare the other person off.

    Oh and god forbid, they don’t text back within a five-minute window, which can easily send any sane person into an outright panic.

  3. You always have someone to chill with.

    One of the greatest parts about having a boyfriend or girlfriend is that they’re basically contractually obligated to do things with you. So if there’s a movie you want to see that literally all of your friends refuse to go to, guess who you can probably swindle into going with you? Yes, your significiant other.

    Even if you just want to Netflix and chill, your partner will likely want to come over. For some reason – unbeknownst to you – they actually like to hang out with you. So use that to your advantage.

  4. But it sucks when they’re away.

    When your S.O. is unavailable, your quality of life decreases a little. Whether they’re at work or busy with college, you get kind of sad when they can’t come over for a chill sesh.

    And when they’re on vacation or away for a while you’ll find yourself extra sad. After all, they make you happy and when they’re gone for extended periods of time you pretty much start showing withdrawal symptoms.

  5. You have an excuse to go out to eat all the time.

    Do you really want sushi? Do you have a craving for Thai food? Or really want to go try that new, but expensive, restaurant that opened up? Perfect, make it a date. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend gives you an excuse to do a whole lot of self-indulgent things including pigging out on extremely unhealthy food.

    What’s better than hanging out with bae and a burrito? That’s, right. Nothing. So call it a cheat day. Or better yet, a date night.

  6. But you have to share your food.

    The one downside to going out to dinner is the expectation that you’ll share. Of course, you don’t want to give them half your garlic fries or let them have a significant portion of your phenomenal Asian fusion sandwich. But will you share? Probably. Because when they flash those puppy dog eyes, you can’t resist.

    So suck it up and cut that decadent slice of heavenly chocolate cake in half. Sharing is caring.

  7. You have a designated Cuddle buddy.

    There’s nothing like a good cuddle, and when you’re in a relationship you have access to potentially infinite snuggles. Regardless of which spoon you want to be in the spoon drawer, your S.O. is usually pretty willing to cuddle up close. Especially if you have a bad day or are just in need of a little extra attention.

  8. That terrible moment when you fall asleep spooning and you instantly overheat.

    Okay so you’re spooning, and everything is wonderful. But then… you start feeling a little warm, and suddenly you’re sweating. But when you go to wiggle away from your other spoon you find that you’re stuck. You realize they’ve fallen asleep with their arms entangled in yours. Dear god, it’s like you’re in a bear trap.

    You feel like your suffocating. Drowning in blankets and hugs. It only gets worse if they have long hair, especially if it ends up all up in your face.

    Once you finally wiggle free, you toss the sheets off of you for some air. Ahh, freedom. After cooling down, you start to feel chilly. You reach over to pull the comforter back over you, but you find that it doesn’t budge. Your S.O. has burritoed themselves in the comforter. They have an iron grip on the blanket, and you’re freezing. Winter has come.

  9. When you’re upset, your partner is there for you.

    After a particularly rough day or if you’re just feeling down, there’s nothing like venting to your significant other. They’re one of the few people you completely trust and can open up in front of. You don’t have to worry about holding anything back with them.

    You can count on them to be patient with you if you’re super emotional and give you some good advice, aswell as soothe your bad mood.

  10. But you’ll probably end up ugly crying in front of bae.

    The worst thing about opening up is feeling vulnerable. When you’re venting to your partner things might get tearful. Crying in front of anyone can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re crying in front of the one person you worked so hard to impress upon first starting to date.

    It might feel a little awkward when you cry in front of them for the first, second, or third time. But it’s okay to drop your guard in front of them.

  11. It’s okay though, they still love you and your puffy face.

    While crying in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend might be awkward you can find comfort in the fact they’ll love you anyway. Regardless of the amount of tears and snot running down your face, I guarantee they’ll look past it. You’ll never have to worry about if they’re into you.

    Besides they’re probably more worried about making you feel better than what you look like when you’re ugly crying.

  12. But there is literally tears and snot EVERYWHERE.

    Oh my god, that is a lot of mucus… God forbid your S.O. is a sympathetic crier. In that case, snot times two.

  13. You’re comfortable around them.

    When you are dating someone for a while, they’re bound to see you at your best and your worst. Which means they’ll still love you when you’re scrubbing it in your ugliest sweatpants. You know you don’t have to dress up for just hanging out around the house, which means you can rock fun buns, no make-up, ugly t-shirts from high school, and your retainer.

    But sometimes they get too comfortable… specifically with their bodily functions…

    However, when you really start to get comfortable around someone that might mean they get too relaxed. You’ll probably find yourself letting loose some award winning burps around your partner. Which might earn you a groan and hopefully a high five.

    But you’ll find that one of you will get a little too comfy and let a fart slip. Which is super gross, especially if they trap you under the sheets with it. But hey, it’s an important milestone!

  14. Sex. Sex all the time. Whenever you want. With your super hot S.O.

    You can basically have sex almost whenever you want with your boy or girlfriend. You don’t have to go out to a bar and try to pick up on people or send out any booty call texts when you want to get it on. All you got to do is ask your S.O. and more often than not they’ll probably indulge you.

  15. But sometimes you fall into a routine.

    One of the only negatives about having sex with your partner is that you can easily get lazy. You might fall into a routine of always doing the same positions or allow things to get a little less than sexy.

    In that case, you can always spice things up with a new toy or try something different to keep things interesting!

  16. You have fun doing everything with them.

    When you’re dating someone you’re likely to do a whole lot of things together. This includes going to movies, going to dinner, and going out. So when you’re with that person, you’re having a whole lot of fun. You feel like a power couple when you go to parties or hit up the bars. You have way too much fun with inside jokes when you’re out in public, whether you’re on a date or just simply people watching while at the grocery store.

    That’s one of the reasons why you like this person so much; you have infinite amounts of fun doing literally anything with them, no matter how mundane.

  17. But things seem boring when they’re not around.

    Sometimes going out with your gal pals or your buddies is fun. But sometimes you’ll find yourself wishing your partner was with you while you’re doing things with friends or family. You’ll want to make inside jokes, but you know only your S.O. will get it, or you’ll realize how much fun your partner would be having if they were only with you.

  18. At the end of the day, you care about someone who sincerely cares about you.

    Despite having to share your french fries or the fact that your partner snores at night, you can’t deny that you wouldn’t have it any other way. Regardless of all the little things that bug you about being in a relationship, you wouldn’t give up your S.O. for anything because things just wouldn’t be the same without them.

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