There’s more to opening and holding the door for others than turning the knob or holding it for the next person. That’s why when you know the five manners of opening every door, you unlock a lot.

The answer: goodwill, graciousness, and great possibilities!

There’s just something nice about someone holding a door open for you, don’t you think?

And have you ever held the door open for people who didn’t say thank you? It’s the worst!

That’s because they weren’t holding up their end of the unwritten social code we all know (and appreciate): hold the door open for the next person(s), and say thank you when someone does it for you.

The Lesson That Holding the Door Open Taught My Son About People

Several years ago, when Corbett, my youngest son, and I were going in to Barnes & Noble, Corbett ran ahead a few feet to open the door for several ladies who were talking to each other as they entered the store. Each one walked through and never smiled, made eye contact, or said anything to him.

“Mama, those ladies didn’t say thank you or even notice me. I’m not going to hold the door open for anyone else — ever,” he said, half in disappointment, half in indignation.

“Babe,” I tried to encourage him, “you can’t help what other people do, but you’re in complete control over what you do. I don’t know why they didn’t say thank you, and I can tell you’re a little hurt by it. They’re proof that we set a good or bad example with everything we do. Why don’t you keep setting good examples, and if enough people do the same thing, eventually, maybe, those ladies will catch on. Besides, other people in the past have said thank you, and smiled, and even said nice things to you! Think of how you would have deprived them and you of that good feeling if you hadn’t held the door open.”

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