September 30, 2023

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4 Valentine Day Ideas For Couples In Long Distance Relationships

Valentine’s Day, although meant to spread love can be very overwhelming for those going through tough heartbreaks or probably spent a good part of the year single.

This feeling could also be applicable for people in long-distance relationships who cannot be with their partners in a period such as Valentine.

Just because you’re in a long-distance relationship during Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean the special occasion has to be any less romantic.

Zoom it out
Surprise your partner with a customized cake for Valentine’s day and one for yourself. Get a fork, go outside, but only if you wear a mask and remain socially-distant, and pretend like you’re celebrating together via FT or Zoom. You can use a beach-side, make it seem like a picnic or in the evening when it is all warm. The ambiance of some fresh air + the cake makes it less likely you’ll be sad you’re not physically with your partner. Plus, cake alone with wine makes everything better, you can add some jollof rice just because.

Stream a movie or show at the same time online
You can Netflix and chill with your partner despite the distance. You can stream that movie you want to enjoy it with your person on Val’s day. You can maintain communication through text or FaceTime them so you can get all their juicy reactions and even eat the same snacks to make it feel like you’re really together. You can also try Netflix’s Party feature, which lets you watch simultaneously with someone without having to sync up together manually. After, you can have some steamy virtual sex talks and moments using your toys.

Enjoy a sunrise or sunset together
Whether it’s at the beach, on a rooftop, or from your bedroom window, coordinate a time to video-chat that coincides with the sun setting or rising. If time zones are a problem, share your sunset/sunrise with them through video and vice versa.

Arrange a FaceTime dinner date
Both of you can cook your own favorite meals and then set them up in front of your camera to have a virtual dinner date. Want to make it official? Try a virtual cooking class together. You can also place food orders and eat together via facetime while talking about your favourite moments.

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