We all strive to be better every day. Most of us want a new day to bring something new, and we plan for it as well. Of course, the execution is debatable as procrastination is real and it becomes an overwhelming feeling at times. Also, not to forget the customary practice of making resolutions on new year’s eve!  All of us are fascinated by the thought of preparing long lists of resolves to mark the beginning of a new year. Not sure how many people are able to translate these resolutions into functional realities.

But why not make resolutions every day if you are that keen on driving positive changes in life? Forever lies now, in this moment that we have. Developing the daily practice of making self commitments every morning can incorporate a winning attitude in you. If you are true to your commitment to becoming better every day, you need to change some of your daily habits.

Here are the 7 commitments you should make to yourself daily

1. Resolve to learn something new every day 

The day you start believing that you know everything, you will be cutting your own wings. There is so much to know about this world and to explore. No one can ever claim that he knows everything and chooses to be complacent. That is not a success-oriented behavioral trait to have. So, when you begin your day, write in your diary. Write about what you are willing to learn today. It may be a skill; it may be some facts; it may be a part of your job roles, and so on. Curiosity is the key, and curiosity is a catalyst for success. Learning something new every day or at least trying to means that you are evolving.

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2. Resolve to romanticize creativity every day 

How creative are you on a scale of ten? Do you know that according to a publication by the World Economic Forum, creativity is an integral part of at least nine of the top ten skills crucial to success? This should give you a clear idea about the significance of creativity as a skill. Having said that, you ought to promise yourself that you will work on enhancing your creativity every day. Dedicating some time to your passions and hobbies is the simplest way. As long as you realize what your passion is, there will be enough chances for creativity to breathe. Similarly, taking up new challenges each day can also inspire the creative best in you.

3. Resolve to effective reading every day 

Remember, there is a world outside your textbooks or your mail. Reading for leisure is a great habit to have, and the awakening you get is an added advantage. In fact reading, every day offers much more than knowledge and the build-up of cognitive abilities. To substantiate, as cited by the Education Standards Research Team, UK, reading for pleasure leads to personal development. It improves grammar, language proficiency and broadens the spectrum of vocabulary, which is an obvious fact. But reading as a habit also improves self-confidence and mental agility. Reading also helps you with stress management, eliminating the symptoms of depression, and polishes your retention power.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

4. Resolve to have more gratitude for others 

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Be thankful for what you have; you will end up having more. If you concentrate on what you do not have, you will never ever have enough.” This impactful quote is enough to speak for the charm of gratitude. Gratitude is underrated. People do not realise the great significance and prowess of gratitude, but gratitude helps you and your personality in multifaceted ways. For healthy personal as well as professional relationships, the feeling of being grateful is important. It is a good thing to appreciate the little efforts that others put in for you. There are many moments in life when your family, your friends, or colleagues support you and stand by you. Remember, it is always a good thing to have your attitude synonymous with gratitude.

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5. Remind yourself every day that you are not a quitter 

Life can be harsh sometimes, and plans may not work out at times. That happens to even the best of us, but that is never the end of the road. The first thing that you should tell yourself when you look into the mirror every morning is that you are not a quitter. You will always have choices in life. To quit and settle for less will always seem like an easy alternative. At times the situations will be so unfavorable that giving up may seem like the best option. But as long as you keep reminding yourself every day that you are not someone who gives up, you will be immune to such negativity.

6. Resolve to follow a quote every day 

Be on the lookout for life-changing quotes every day! Let every day in your life be centered around a theme. There is a crazy sea of quotes on the internet, books, and elsewhere that you can choose from. Try to pick a meaningful quote and let it define the purpose of the rest of your day. The best of quotes come from people who have achieved great things in their lives. These people are already a source of inspiration, and their enchanting words have positive impacts. This little resolve and petty habit can make so much difference. You will feel this change in your personality as well as productivity.

7. Resolve to not be hard on yourself

The insane competitiveness of the world makes us too harsh on ourselves at times. Most of the time, we look at life only in terms of success or failure. People around us talk about how to succeed, but no one talks about how to deal with failure. You should look at failure as another reason to begin again and begin better. When you start your day, tell yourself that you will give everything to your goals but not be hard on yourself if you are not able to get the desired results.

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You have to accept failure and reflect on the reasons for it. No matter what happens, you should not start hating yourself. This happens when your focus is more on others’ achievements than your own journey. Value your journey, love yourself for who you are, and encourage yourself to be better.

Stop underestimating yourself and make the above resolve a part of your daily routine. There is unparalleled effectiveness in persistence, and you have to set yourself up for that. Success lies where there are perseverance and consistency.

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