September 22, 2023

Does Watching too much Television or using Smartphone’s excessively harms your child in numerous ways?

The answer is yes, it does.

If you do not agree with me, let’s dig deeper into the subject.

Why keep your children away from the TV, Smartphone’s, and Gadgets?

  1. It is Addictive

Watching television is not just addictive it makes us lazy and violent because most of us watching it try to imitate and copy things which we see on it, which in form of acts can be dangerous for us.

Now when television channels are running 24×7 watching it in our spare time makes us lazy instead of going out and playing some sports.

  1. Hampers Brain Development

Today we try to find solutions and answers to every problem or question that comes to our mind watching TV or YouTube and have stopped thinking creatively or using our brainpower, hence making us lazy not only physically but mentally as well.

  1. Wastage of Time

We waste precious time watching television and leave important things for the 11th hour till they become urgent and when we face a shortage of time to complete the task, we get stressed and angry.

  1. Makes you a Loner

Watching television provides us with easy recreation. We tend to sit on our couch relaxing our mind. Gradually, we get so addicted that we don’t even step out of our room and meet our family and friends and become lazy and inactive.

  1. Negative Impact on Mind

Watching crime files and horror shows create fear and impact our positive mindset and hence acts as a booster for revoking us in situations where we can maintain calm.

  1. Negative effect on Social Life

Children learn good and bad behaviors while interacting with other people. By watching content on the television which adds no value in their life, children not only hinder their physical and mental growth but also find it difficult to involve themselves in social gatherings and family functions.

  1. Sedentary Lifestyle

People sit and watch TV, leading a sedentary lifestyle and enjoying junk food watching their favorite shows, making them lazy and overweight.

  1. Enhances risk of Diseases

Earlier, children went to play outside willingly but with the advancement in digital technology, they just want to stay inside and watch TV or stream different channels on their mobile screens which are becoming a leading cause of modern-day lifestyle diseases amongst them.

It today’s scenario young children are suffering from life-threatening diseases like diabetes, eye disorders, obesity, and cancer.

  1. Less Physical Activity

Children have stopped going to the parks and playing with other children and now they love to play with toys that are replicas of different weapons or characters, watching their favorite superheroes and cartoon characters and this is making them more inclined towards violence rather than than community engagement.

Secondly, if some opt for going outside and playing in the parks they do not find children of their age group to play and interact with as all are busy watching their favorite TV shows.

  1. Living in a Virtual World

Another problem with watching Tv is that children may have difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what is not and find violence an easy solution to many life problems and challenges.

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