THE Reasons Why  Internet Is Bad for Society

If you want to know the reasons how the internet is bad for society so, in this article, I will let you know the  Reasons Why the Internet Is Bad for Society.

After reading this article you will know about all the bad things or the disadvantages of the internet for society. That how the internet affects our society and mostly the youth.

If I say something about the internet so the internet is the most powerful invention of the 21st century. The Internet is the most popular innovation in today’s technological world.

Every person in this world is familiar with the internet and used the internet for their own needs and purposes. There is a lot of content available on the internet. Which helps a lot for the people in their fields.

Now a day’s it’s very difficult to find someone who’s not using the internet or who’s not familiar with the internet.

Peoples belong to all generations use the internet for their purpose. Some of them use the internet only for entertainment and some use the internet for study and work purposes.

The Internet makes everything easy for the world. It enhances the world for the people.

If you start counting the advantages of the internet then there is a lot of benefits and advantages of the internet for society.

But there is also the dark side of the internet for the people that really affect their life badly. The bad things about the internet that we can’t even imagine.

Actually, this is a very serious issue for our society and especially young youth.

They have to know about the bad things about the internet. That to protect and keep themselves away from the bad things of the internet.

Top 8 Reasons Why the Internet Is Bad for Society

You can read an article or you can also watch my video on it.

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We always see the good side of the advantages of the internet for society, we cannot see or even notice the downside of the internet.

We can’t even know that there is a downside to the internet. In today’s world, people totally ignore the disadvantages or bad things on the internet.

Now in this article, I am going to discuss all the bad things about the internet for society.

1. Time Wasting on Using the Internet

Time wasting is one of the bad things on the internet, mostly affects the students.

Most people used the internet for time-wasting, especially students who waste a lot of their precious time surfing the internet for entertainment and time pass.

Students and young youth are the most important part of our society, and it plays a very important role in the development of any society.

But now most of the students use the internet for entertainment only, watching movies, listens to music and play online games, etc.

Nowadays one of the games name called PUB G is very popular among the students They seem every time busy using the internet and play PUB G games with other friends and waste their precious time.

I think this is the worst thing about the internet that badly affects our society.

2. Misused the Internet

Mostly the people misused the internet.

As the internet is one of the most popular and biggest inventions of the 21st century. And all the people used the internet and getting help from the internet.

But this is also one of the bad effects of the internet because most people using the internet in the wrong way. People commit crimes on the internet.

The hackers hack the bank’s accounts of the people and transfer and stole money from their bank’s account.

Also, hackers can access people’s personal devices like mobile phones and laptops, etc., and takes their personal data and then they blackmail them for money or any other kind of demands.

They can ruin someone’s life easily by this.

Also, they can ruin the business reputations by hacking their information and giving it to the competitors and people are concerned about their privacy.

This is one of the most dangerous reasons for the internet that affects society badly.

3. Peoples Addiction to the Internet

Also, addiction is the reason why the internet is bad for our society.

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Most people get addicted to the internet, playing online games, watching videos on YouTube, and play music. They become addicted to it. They always busy surfing such kinds of things on the internet.

Once they get addicted to the internet, then that will be very difficult for them to leave the internet. They always trying to use the internet and waste their precious time surfing the internet.

They are not aware and suppose to do something for their life and future. It distracts them from their future goals.

4. Bad Effects of the Internet on Health

The Internet has also bad effects on our health.

People who are addicted to the internet and who are always busy surfing the internet. The internet very badly affects their health.

They slowly become physically unfit because they are not supposed to do any kind of physical activity, they are not going jogging or doing any other kind of physical games and activity.  Which leads to obesity.

So, their physical health effect very badly by using too much internet.

Their mental health also affects the internet they are mostly suffered from depression and other kinds of mental disorders.

5. Social Isolation Due to the Extensive Use of the Internet

The Internet causes also social isolation of the people.

Those people who are using too much internet and addicted to the internet lead them to social isolation.

because they are always busy surfing on the internet and didn’t want to go outside and meet people or do other kinds of social activity.

People didn’t want to contribute with the other peoples in social activities. They also not contributing to practical life.

They are always busy in the world of the internet.

6. Wrong Information on the Internet

The wrong information is also the disadvantage of the internet. Anyone can post and share any kind of information on the internet without confirmation.

The information can also be wrong.

Mostly the people on Facebook and other kinds of social media platforms sometimes share wrong information with the people.

This leads most people in the wrong way because they didn’t confirm that the information, they share is right or wrong.

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They share rumors with people and just for fun.

7. Scams and frauds on the Internet

There is a lot of scam websites available on the internet. Who scams with the people, People can buy some products or services from those websites and get cheated?

Also, on social media mostly people scam with other people.

Recently one of my friends got a scam on the internet. She orders some kind of casual dresses for herself and when she received her order the dresses were different from the ones which she orders online on the internet.

And when she complains to them, they block her contact. So, such kind of scams happens with the people on the internet online.

when they get money then they block the people and vanished. Most people get affected by it.

8. Peoples Cheating on the Internet with the People

Cheating on the internet is common nowadays in our society.

Most people cheated on the internet in many ways. Some people got cheated in relationships and some in business.

In relationships most of the people using social media on the internet are fake. People start friendships and relations with them but didn’t know who really, they are.

And they got cheated by them.


In conclusion, it’s very important to know all about the internet the positive and also negative effects of the internet on our society.

Most people take advantage of the internet but they totally ignore the disadvantages or the bad effects of the internet on their life.

People have to know about the bad effects of the internet on their life and have to think about how they used the internet.

My suggestion for the people about the internet is “They have to use the internet at a limit”.

They can use the internet but they have to consider also the bad effects of the internet for them and keep themselves safe from that.

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