Shola Ogudu expresses shock at the photos being sent to her son.

Shola Ogudu and her son, Boluwatife [Instagram/OfficialTifeBalogun]

In a post shared via her son’s Instagram page, Ogudu expressed her concern over the photos sent to her nine-year-old son Boluwatife.My son is only 9 years old and the kind of DMs he gets is madness…from grown women. Is that men have finished in the world? Its 9-year old that you people will be sending nudes, sending breast? 9 years old,” she said.

et me help you spread the word so people will see your sexy body. This is the final warning, that’s why I used his page to come and warn you. Stop sending my son nudes, he is 9 years old. If you want to shoot your shot, shoot it at people your age.”

Ogudu gave Wizkid his first son Boluwatife in 2011.