Arnold schwarzenegger: Seven tins di America actor tok afta Capitol Hill
November 26, 2023

American actor and former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger don speak out against di attack wey some President Trump supporters go do last week for U.S. Capitol Hill building.

Arnold Schwarzenegger compare wetin take place for Capitol Hill on Wednesday to dat of Kristallnacht, di “Night of Broken Glass” wey happun for Nazi Germany in 1938- dis na di night of riot against di Jews.

E say “di broken glass na di windows of di United States Capitol” and Trump not only scata di windows and doors of di capitol but also di principles wey make America be wetin e be today.

Di former Governor wey also be republican tok dis one for video wey im release for social media on Sunday.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger say President Trump dey try to change di results of election wey dey fair and e dey look for coup by misleading pipo with lies.”
  • Di Former Governor say President Donald Trump na failed leader and e go remain for history as “di worst president ever.” E add say di good tin be say President Trump go soon be as “irrelevant as old tweet.”
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger say e dey remind those elected officials wey help President Trump with im lies and deceit wetin Former US President, Teddy Roosevelt tok; “Patriotism mean to stand by di kontri and no be to stand by di president.”
  • Oga Schwarzenegger mention President John F. Kennedy book “Profiles in Courage” and add say plenti members of im own Republican party, because of dia own weakness no go ever see dia names for such book. E say dem dey guilty as those wey carry violence go Capitol Hill.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger say wetin America need right now from dia elected representative na “public servant heart”
  • Schwarzenegger say even as heart breaking as everything wey happun for Capitol Hill dey, America go come out from dis dark days and shine dia light once again.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger say even though America democracy don dey tampered by wars, injustice and insurrection but di kontri go come out stronger because dem understand now wetin dem fit lost.

To conclude im speech, Arnold Schwarzenegger say dem need to hold those wey bring America to dis point accountable, pipo need to heal togeda, put di kontri democracy first and ask everybody to join am to wish president elect Biden great success.

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