A dating coach lists seven popular ways Coronavirus is being used in dating.

Coronavirus has dominated conversations around the world in the last one year. It has shut down economies all around the world, made a lot of people sick and killed so many people.

There’s a saying that ‘when life gives you lemon, make lemonade’. It’s a saying that encourages people to make good out of the difficulties of life

 revealed the seven ways that coronavirus has aided dating.

tLagosmatchmaker, a privacy-focused matchmaking platform for singles of over 25 years.

She is the first United State’s Certified and award-winning Dating Coach in Nigeria, and has been matchmaking for over eight years.

An Economics graduate from Howard University, Washington DC, she also holds a Masters degree in International Strategy from University of St-Andrews, Scotland.

These are the seven tips.

1. There are more witty ways to make a dating profile interesting.

2. It’s a go-to topic when awkward silences come up. Just say ‘Coronavirus’ and there will be a response as we are all finding ways to navigate this safely.

3. The lack of physical interaction forces you to make more meaningful connections.

4. Save some money. Men are happier because video calls or virtual dates are less expensive.

5. You have fewer distractions and can focus on talking to the person you’re getting to know.

6. You have forced to spend time alone and this can help you think about what you really want in a date or a future partner.

7. You’re more open-minded. A lot of people were not into video calls but now that seems like one of the only options we have to connect, hence more people are video chatting and chatting now.

At Lagosmatchmaker, you can meet other singles with the help of the team and the support of Didi.

The platform Lagosmatchmaker was created as a need for privacy in this dating age. It is a privacy focused matchmaking platform for singles to meet like minded individuals.

She works as a statistician for National bureau of statistics and has previously worked as a strategist for NEXIM Bank and a data analyst with Debt management office.

She decided to go into matchmaking because she intends to be a vessel to happiness and positively affect economic growth. she has a passion for matchmaking and her certification in data analysis from the value fronteria has been surprisingly useful in the business of matchmaking.

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