It sucks whenever you find yourself in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you anymore. You think that everything is fine and dandy. You’re still willing to give your absolute all to the relationship. You still believe in the love that you share.And yet, there are a few signs he doesn’t love you anymore. There’s something off. You get the feeling that maybe your partner just doesn’t feel the same way that they used to. Is that even possible? Are you just imagining things?

People fall out of love in relationships all the time. It happens fairly often. And you would be mistaken to think that your relationship would be immune to such a thing from happening. It can happen to any relationship regardless of how long the two of you might have been together. So, if you notice that a lot of these things apply to your relationship, there might be some cause for worry. Here are a few signs he doesn’t love you anymore:

1. He Stops Making an Effort to Talk to You

Communication is always going to be one of the most important aspects of any kind of relationship. And if you notice that your man has just ceased talking to you, then that’s a real problem. Sure, you can have your rough patches where you barely utter two words to one another. But if these rough patches become too drawn out, then it can become very problematic.

2. He Doesn’t Get Intimate with You Anymore

Intimacy is the one thing that separates lovers and friends. So, if he stops being intimate with you, there is a good chance that he’s fallen out of love with you already.

3. He Spends More Time Away from You

Time is the one thing that you would always be willing to give to the person you love most in the world. So, if he’s not giving you much of his time, it’s possible that he doesn’t love you anymore. This is especially true when he starts choosing to spend time with his friends or workmates over you.

4. He Stops Talking about the Future

He’s not invested in sharing a future with you anymore. This is the reason why he stops talking about it. Whenever you ask him about plans, he just changes the topic or doesn’t give you a straight answer.

5. He Picks Fights More Often

At this point, he may be just trying to get you to hate him. He tries to start arguments with you because he wants you to loathe him. He doesn’t love you anymore. But instead of breaking up with you, he’s trying to get you to fall out of love with him too. This way, the pressure falls on you to break up with him.

Final Thoughts

If you do find out that your man doesn’t love you anymore, you have a huge decision to make. It’s either you choose to double down on your efforts to win him back, or you just let go of him altogether. Either way, you should do precisely what you want. This way, you won’t end up having any regrets when it’s all said and done.

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