31 Clever Ways to Make Money Doing Nothing (Updated 2023)
November 28, 2023

While there’s no guaranteed way to make money without putting in any effort, I can provide you with a list of passive income ideas that require minimal ongoing effort once set up. Remember that some initial effort and investment may be necessary to establish these sources of income. Here are 31 clever ways to make money with minimal ongoing effort:

  1. Rent out a spare room or property on Airbnb.
  2. Invest in dividend-paying stocks or index funds.
  3. Create and sell an online course or digital product.
  4. Start a blog and monetize it through ads, sponsored content, or affiliate marketing.
  5. Purchase vending machines and place them in strategic locations.
  6. Invest in real estate properties and earn rental income.
  7. Create and sell stock photography or footage.
  8. Buy an existing online business or website and optimize it for passive income.
  9. Earn royalties from writing a book, creating music, or inventing a product.
  10. Invest in peer-to-peer lending platforms.
  11. Purchase a laundromat or self-service car wash.
  12. Rent out your car through a car-sharing platform.
  13. Invest in a high-yield savings account or certificates of deposit (CDs).
  14. Create and sell print-on-demand merchandise.
  15. Earn affiliate income by promoting products or services you love.
  16. Invest in cryptocurrency and earn through price appreciation or staking.
  17. Purchase and rent out storage units.
  18. Generate passive income through YouTube ads on a monetized channel.
  19. Develop a mobile app and earn from in-app purchases or ads.
  20. Invest in a crowdfunded real estate project.
  21. Purchase and maintain a vending machine for snacks or beverages.
  22. Earn royalties by licensing your artwork or designs.
  23. Invest in a business as a silent partner or through equity crowdfunding.
  24. Create a membership site with exclusive content or services.
  25. Generate passive income through affiliate marketing on social media.
  26. Invest in a dividend-paying ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund).
  27. Buy and lease out equipment or machinery.
  28. Earn rental income from RVs or vacation properties.
  29. Create and sell an online subscription box.
  30. Invest in a well-diversified retirement fund or pension plan.
  31. Purchase dividend-paying mutual funds.

Remember, even though these ideas have the potential to generate passive income, they may require initial investment, time, and effort to set up. Additionally, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before engaging in any investment or business opportunity read more

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